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Let’s talk SAVING MONEY. We all have money, we all need it, and we most certainly all want it. Am I right?

I’ve heard too many women say things like “Oh, my husband deals with the financials.” Wait, why? Tell me why your husband is handling your finances? I get it, once you’re married, what’s mine is yours, and what’s yours is mine, right? Well, it’s 2019 and the times are different!! And as much as I believe in that, I also believe that we as women should take control and more of an interest in finances.

When it comes to money, women need to be more confident with it. Trust me. I was one of those women who wasn’t confident when it came to investing, or saving, or just money-talk in general. In fact, the topic of money made me squirm with discomfort. Mainly because I wasn’t confident talking about it.

When I started the blog, for the first few years, I wasn’t making a dime. But when I started making a buck or two off sponsored posts, I didn’t know how to deal with the income. Should I open a business account? Invest it? Save it? Spend it?

Let’s say I’ve come a long way since then.

It’s taken me years (and lots of mistakes), but I’m no longer scared to talk about money. I’m the one who is in control of my finances. I know where my money is going, and where I need/should put it.

I’ve partnered with stnce, a financial empowerment platform on this post, which is going to cover how to financially empower yourself and be more confident when it comes to your money.



A lot of women are just confused on the simple notion of saving money.

Nearly 60% of women in Canada are living paycheque to paycheque, according to the annual BDO Canada Affordability Index.

39% of Canadians admit to having no retirement savings.

And among the 38% of Gen Xers who have no retirement savings, 47% say they can’t afford to save for retirement, and 19% say they need to pay debts off first.

Those are some scary stats if you ask me. We need to be better at saving money. Here are some simple tips:

  1. First and foremost, make a budget! You need to know what you’re working with. Jot down all your expenses and earnings, and figure out just how much you can be spending in a month. (Oh, and also do it in a cute budget template. Free template below ;))
  2. Save automatically. This is something I have been doing since I was a teenager and had my first job! Auto-payments are the easiest way to save and grow your money. And there’s no excuses. Every month or every paycheque the bank takes out a certain amount and puts it into a savings fund. You almost forget that that’s happening, and when you look at it, you realize just how much you’ve saved!
  3. Make budgeting goals. Start small. If you start with unrealistic goals, you will never reach them. If you start with smaller goals, you will not only reach them, but this will motivate you to want to grow even more.
  4. Use the 24-hour rule: Okay, let’s be honest. I need to practice this more. I see a pair of block-heel, leather boots and I’m all over that shit. Think about this rule when you’re purchase more expensive items. Sleep on it for at least 24 hours and then decide if you really need/want it.

budget template


Here’s the thing – what you focus on is what you bring into your life. This goes for anything. Our mindset plays such a critical role when it comes to things in our life. If you want something, BELIEVE that you should have it. Surround yourself with people who will help you achieve those things.

“We are presented with 2 million bits of information at any given moment, for us to process through our senses. Because of that level of overwhelm, our brain naturally filters out what it perceives to be irrelevant for us, based on the filters we have created through personal experience. Ergo, believe that money is evil and stressful and scarce and not for you…and guess what? That’s exactly what will come to reality. The good news? When you believe deeply that money is a powerful tool used for good, comes easily and effortlessly, and in bountiful supply, that’s exactly what becomes your reality. What you think, speak, day dream about, and believe matters, so be conscious of your true thoughts and feelings around money.” {stnce.ca}

Mindset doesn’t just go for money. This goes for all things in your life. Your job, your relationships, your business, stress, everything really. Surround yourself with like-minded people and get into the right mindset.


Read as much as you can about money, investments, how to save, and how to turn your money into potentially more money. Talk to people that can help you achieve this and of course, make sure to live within your means.

This can be difficult in this day and age because with social media in our faces ALL the time, we want what everyone has. We see influencers with the latest things and we want it. It’s also very accessible. With the tap of our fingers and Google memorizing our credit card info, it’s ONE click and we have what we see. We have to get real about that kind of stuff and prioritize what we really need. 

There are SO many great books, blogs, and articles on money and how to get familiar with it. Pick up a book, or read some articles. The more you read about it, the more you will understand it.

stnce empowerment platform


Everyone makes mistakes, so just accept it when you do. Mistakes are a huge part of growing and learning. At some point, you’re going to sign a bad contract, you’re going to invest in the wrong thing, you’re going to lend money to someone who doesn’t pay you back. We’ve all been there. You’re going to feel crappy about it, and that’s okay. It’s all part of the learning game because you’ll most likely never make the same mistake again.

Growing up for me was a little tough. My parents were very protective when it came to making mistakes, especially with my money. They hovered over every thing I spent money on, they knew what was going into my bank account, and what was coming out, and basically never let me make any financial mistakes. So, when I got older, I knew nothing about financials because I never got to make any mistakes on my own. As much as I love them, they probably should’ve let me make some mistakes and learn from them.

However, when I went out on my own and started doing my own thing, I made tons of financial mistakes, so we’re good. 😉 I learned from them, and realized never to make them again.

Point it – you’ll make mistakes. Don’t come down too hard on yourself for them. Instead use them as a learning curve.

One more thing before I go.

BE GRATEFUL for whatever you have. Money is important, but remember to be grateful for the other things in life. Your health, your family, your friendships.

We tend to always want more, and more, and MORE. We want the latest iPhone, the newest dress, the biggest house.

Start asking yourself deep questions like “do I really need this?” “will this change my life for the better?” “why do I need this?”

And overall, practice gratitude. Everything will will fall into place once you truly are thankful. Trust me on that.

If you want more posts like this, make sure to visit www.stnce.ca. They are an amazing platform for women. They’ve got great articles and tools to help with financially empowering yourself. Check them out!

Okay your turn – how comfortable are you with your money? Share below.

Xx, kim



Photos by Andrew B.




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