I started blogging before blogs were even a thing! I went to Ryerson University for Fashion Communication, and needed a place to store all my daily fashion inspiration. After running out of several scrapbooks, yes, scrapbooks, I decided to start a blog.

It was called “These Shoes Were Made For Talking” (LOL) and it was a fashion blog. I started this in 2011. There were maybe 3 others bloggers I knew doing similar things. 

After graduating University, I kind of quit the blog and got a full-time job at a fashion & media company doing events. After a few years, I really missed blogging, and decided to revamp the blog and start it up again.

In 2015, The Chic Confidential was born. 

This time I knew my target audience, my niche market, and a lot more about the blogging world. I got myself a camera and I wrote Every. Single. Day. I got my best friend, Victoria to take all my photos for me, I would edit them myself, and post on the blog. At one point I was working 3 jobs and did all my blog work on weekends. 

Fast forward to today…The Chic Confidential is technically my part-time gig, however I definitely put in full-time hours. I’m also a full-time events coordinator, and I love both equally. 

The name “The Chic Confidential” was created because I feel my style is pretty chic and I’m sharing all my confidential secrets with you guys. So – The Chic Confidential it was!

  • Find your voice and your niche. 
  • Nail down your target audience. This is so important! If you don’t know who your target audience is, you will miss the mark. 
  • Don’t do this for the money. Do it because you’re passionate about this kind of work. Once you start posting, companies will notice your passion and reach out to you for paid gigs.

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Oh where do I begin!! 

  • Wear sunscreen every single day, even in the winter! The sun is the most aging thing ever.
  • Drink tons of water.
  • Never go to bed with make-up on.
  • I LOVE to double cleanse at night.
  • The ice roller is my favourite beauty tool ever.
  • Spend money on skincare, not make-up. You want to glow from within.
  • Start taking care of your skin at a young age.

SO much more on skincare here.

  • JUST START! You don’t need a fancy camera or nice clothes or followers. You need your voice, your personality, and to be yourself. 
  • Once you’ve decided to start, be consistent! People get invested and want to see more. 
  • Create an Instagram account and show up everyday. 
  • Respond to comments and DMs always.
  • Ask your audience what they want to see, and listen to them.

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My husband, Andrew and I met on Bumble in 2018. Shortest story ever. 

We got engaged in 2019. He proposed at sunset in a vineyard in Niagara on the Lake. Read the full engagement story here. 

And we got married during the global pandemic on the last day of 2020 – Dec 31! (Yes, New Year’s Eve) We planned the wedding in 3 weeks and had only our witnesses there. No family or friends. It was the most special day of our lives. Read the full wedding story here.

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I absolutely love collaborating with companies, experts, brands, etc. However, it MUST be a good fit. Our values must align. The integrity of my blog is the most important thing to me.

If you believe our brands share the same values, please send an email to info@thechicconfidential.com.

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