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What is your goal with the platform?

Before I started The Chic Confidential, I majored in Fashion Communication at Ryerson University and put ALL my fashion and beauty inspos in an old-school scrapbook. YEP. Pages on pages filled with gorgeous outfits, designer handbags, and the latest trends. This soon became a total pain in the ass because I was running out of space in my tiny apartment. 

Someone then told me to “start a blog and put everything online.” WOAH, WHAT?! 

So, almost 10 years ago, (before bloggers and influencers were even a thing) I created an online platform of my inspirations. An online fashion blog was created. 

After years of throwing my fashion inspirations on this platform, my goals were starting to change, and in August 2015 I rebranded to The Chic Confidential. This blog evolved from a fashion blog to a full on lifestyle blog/brand. 

You can find everything from beauty, health, wellness, skincare, fashion, travel, food & everything in between on here. 

This is a platform for women, leaders, entrepreneurs, and BOSS BABES. I’m here to share. Here on The Chic Confidential we don’t keep secrets. I’m open to trying everything and always happy to share my experiences. 

That’s The Chic Confidential in a nutshell. Drop me a line if you have any questions!

Is blogging your full-time job?

No, I’m a full-time events coordinator and absolutely love what I do. The Chic Confidential is a side hustle.

What is your advice for new bloggers?

The most important advice for bloggers that are starting out – don’t do it for the money. 

Also, find your niche and focus on branding.


You can read more on that here and here

How can we collaborate?

Thank you for your interest in collaborating! Whenever I collaborate with a brand or company, I always make sure they align with The Chic Confidential’s aesthetic and brand. 

I NEVER post a product if I’m not 100% happy with it. Everything I share on the blog are products or services I truly believe in. The integrity of my brand is extremely important to me. 

If you are interested in collaborating with me, please send me an email at Kimberley.marquis@gmail.com.