So, if you’ve been following along on Insta-stories in the last week or so, you already know I’ve been filming a little video in collaboration with Meridian Credit Union. I’ve also mentioned this in a couple blog posts.

Basically, I was given a $100 visa card for the WEEK. And I was only allowed to spend $20 bucks a day. Challenging? Uhh…yes.

VERY challenging actually. It was hard to only spend $20 bucks a day. I mean, some days you can totally do it, and others, you get caught up with so many little expenses. Like drinks with friends, lunch with co-workers, parking in Toronto, etc.

The point of this collaboration is to bring awareness to millennials and their spending habits. Like I mentioned in past blog posts, we spend money like we’re freakin’ rich.

Like, do you really need to have a $5 latte Every. Single. Day? If you add that up for an entire week, that’s $35 bucks. And $150 for the month. And $1800 for the YEAR!! That is a full vacation down South, which you’ve spent on coffees!

Think about that.

If you do the calculations with all your spendings that way, you’ll start to give yourself anxiety on how much you actually spend. But I encourage you to do that. Think about all the times you eat at restaurants instead of cooking. All the times you go out for drinks with friends. All the times you check your cart out at, Zara, Aritzia etc. without even thinking because your credit card is saved online. (guilty!)

It all adds up, and we don’t even realize it.

And when it comes down to actually investing in our major goals, we have no money…

Eventually, I want a house. You know, like the 4 bedroom, super chic, Carrie Bradshaw walk-in closet, modern looking kind? Obviously a husband and some kids would be nice too. I also want to continue to grow my business as a blogger/influencer and invest money into the brand. All these things are big goals. Goals you need money for. Goals you need to start saving NOW for.

The best way to start saving is to actually acknowledge your spendings. This challenge was a real eye opener for me. It showed me what I need to cut down on to help save for my future. Ie. Limit the number of times I eat out, make my coffees as opposed to buying them, and cut down on online shopping. Check out the video below! (To see me struggle!)

For information on how you can start saving for your future goals visit They have great products that can help you capitalize on your savings like a 1.4% High Interest Savings Account.

This post & video was sponsored by Meridian Credit Union. As always, all opinions are my own.


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