It’s January – the month of setting goals. “NEW YEAR, NEW ME” kinda shit.

Goal-setting is a buzzword we hear a lot of in the new year. Entrepreneurs and career-focused women all over the world are “goal-setting”.

Here’s the thing though. How many of us are actually accomplishing these goals that we write down? Are we looking at our goals every single day to remind us of how important they are? Do we have a game plan of how we’re going to accomplish them? Or are they just tucked away in some cute notebook?

I’m huge on setting goals. I do them for everything – My relationships, my careers, my health, my finances, etc.

I’m a big believer in if you aren’t goal-setting, then are you even growing as a person? Life will stay the same if you don’t set goals. They can be big goals or just small ones. But DO THEM. Make a list.

So, here are some ways to actually set goals and accomplish them:


Firstly, really evaluate your life. Step out of your zone and look at your life from an outside perspective. What is working? What isn’t? Does something need improvement?

Goals can be anything from ‘getting a raise at work’ to ‘drinking a cup of lemon water ever morning’. Your list can range from self-care goals, to financial, to career. Categorizing them is a good way to get organized and tackle them one by one.

Some categories to think about:

  • Self-care goals: Healthy eating, spending more time with yourself, taking on a hobby, exercising.
  • Financial goals: Paying off debt, saving for a home, spending less money on fast food.
  • Career goals: Moving up to a higher position, getting a raise, befriending a co-worker.
  • Health goals: incorporate more veggies in my meals, drink more water, avoid carbs for dinner.

So, grab your cute notebook and get categorizing. Colour code the shit out of your categories too! It’s MUCH more pleasing to the eye when things are colour coded and vibrant.


Another important question to ask yourself before you start tackling your goals is WHY are you doing these? Who are you doing them for? Many people don’t realize it but they do things for other people. They make goals to please others, and “be more like her instead,” and never for themselves. If you’re doing any of these for anyone but yourself, you need to re-evaluate.

It’s important to know that these goals are for yourself and no one else. Sure, you can come up with a list of relationship goals, and include your partner in those, but ultimately it should be because YOU want it to happen.

Questions to ask yourself:

  • Are these goals directly impacting my life?
  • Why is this important to me?
  • Should I be running these goals by someone? My loved one?
  • Does this improve my life?



Once you’ve established your categories for all your goals, and asked yourself WHY you’re doing each of them, you’re ready to road map.

This involves creating a real plan for how you’re going to achieve them. Under each one you need to establish:

  • How long will it take me to accomplish this goal?
  • What is my latest deadline to achieving this?
  • How do I keep myself on track?
  • What steps am I taking to meet this goal?
  • Do I need help?

Make sure to ask yourself all these questions, and then work on the answers. You need a clear road map and steps to go with it, to achieve these. Things don’t just happen overnight. You have to WORK to make them happen. Obviously.


Nothing gets me hornier than a cute notebook and pens to go with it. You know? I just LOVE a fun, crafty, chic space. Especially when it comes to my goals. GET CREATIVE. That could mean getting a notebook and a pen for you, or that could mean vision boarding. Take a day and get super old school. Take things to the next level. Get some bristol board, stickers, cut up magazines, colour-code, scribble, draw them out. Do whatever you need to, to get motivated about your goals. This is YOUR life, so get fucking excited about it!

Here’s an example of goal-setting for me:

GOAL: Cutting down on single-use plastic

CATEGORY: Personal

WHY IS THIS GOAL IMPORTANT TO ME? I want to be better at taking care of our planet. I want to see our Earth grow instead of deplete. Climate Change is happening right in front of our eyes, and we can do small things to make a BIG change.

DOES THIS GOAL IMPROVE MY LIFE? Not directly, but overall, yes. I live on this planet, and in order for my future kids to live on a healthy planet, we need to make changes now.

HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE TO ACCOMPLISH THIS GOAL? This is something I want to continue working on for a couple years, until we no longer need/use single-use plastic. This year I want to start small, by cutting down on purchasing anything that isn’t recyclable.


  • Switching to reusable sandwich bags
  • Stopping the use of saran wrap and making the switch to bees wrap
  • No more plastic straws. Getting myself some silicone straws
  • No more buying grocery bags for 5 cents (Although I stopped this as of last year)
  • Waxing my legs as opposed to shaving them. Razors are single-use plastic and NOT recyclable. This one is going to be hard, so we will see!

THAT is how you need to plan it out. Be realistic, get specific, and work hard to make them happen. That is just one of my many goals. I’ve done that for all of them, and I feel very sure of myself that I’m going to accomplish them.

How do you guys set goals? What advice do you want to add this this? Tell me in the comments. I’d love to get new, unique ideas!

Ok, I’m off to journal for a bit with a side of honey, lemon, ginger tea. BTW, this is the pen I use. I’m SO specific about the pens I use when I’m journaling. It’s got to be perfect. Like, I don’t fuck around, you know? Trust me, you need this pen.

Xx, kim

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  1. These are great tips for setting and achieving goals! I also like you shared a sample! It puts it into preservative! Thanks for sharing!

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