Well, I cannot believe it’s already been a month since we’ve been engaged!!

Before I even get into the story, I need to give a shout out to the amazing photographers who shot these photos! SO CHIC, right?? They were amazing to work with. If you guys are looking for a couple who is hilarious, fun, and makes you feel totally comfortable in front of the camera, check them out! Thank you Megan and Chris for capturing these gorgeous photos of us.

People have been asking me if it feels different now that we’re engaged, and as much as I thought it wouldn’t, it TOTALLY does. I don’t know if it’s the ring on my finger or the title of ‘financé, but there’s something that does feel different.

I thought I would share the story of how it happened, because I’m still getting asked that, and it was also one of the most special moments of my life, so why the hell not?

Let’s rewind to the weekend of August 10th.

Andrew and I were heading to one of our favourite summer spots – our Niagara-on-the-Lake cottage. We absolutely love it there. It’s right in the middle of tons of wineries and vineyards. The air is so pure, and it’s super chill and quiet. Morning coffees on the deck are my favourite. There’s really nothing like watching the birds, sipping on coffee, and enjoying the fresh summer air.

We headed up there Friday evening, and got settled in. Friday was a bit rainy, so we enjoyed a BBQ dinner – grilled garlic shrimp, Cajun Basa fillets, corn on the cob, grilled zucchini, and a big-ass salad. Yea, we ate A TON. After that, we cozied on the couch for a round of cards. We’re 80 and LOVE playing cards. Don’t judge us. It gets super competitive and hilarious. We placed bets – if I win, he had to cooperate and NOT complain about social media for 1 whole day! LOL. And if he won, well, let’s not go there. 😉

I WON. (get the selfie stick ready!)

I rarely win, btw, but for some reason I did that night!

The next morning (the day it happened!!) we enjoyed our coffee on the deck like usual. Early afternoon we hit up one of our favourite wineries, Colaneri. If you haven’t been, you MUST go. It’s a little slice of Italian heaven. Beautiful cobble stone, detailed architecture, and lots of yellow and pink florals. They only serve Margherita Pizzas and wine by the glass.  So, naturally we grabbed a pizza and some wine. The winery is so charming and beautiful, and it was the perfect day. 26 degrees and pure sunshine.

After Colaneri we headed to Henry of Pelham winery for a picnic in the vineyards event. Think charcuterie board with lots of cheese, breads, meats, and grilled veggies. Oh, and a bottle of rosé. We sat in the middle of a vineyard on a blanket, sipping on wine, eating prosciutto and all the cheese. SO CUTE, you guys! Anyway, this is not where it happened…

We continued on hopping over to a couple more wineries for tasting, all while playing the ‘Ask Andrew Anything’ game on Instagram Stories. Someone suggested it, and since Andrew lost to me at cards, I thought this was a great idea to exploit him some more. LOL. So, as the day went on, we got tons and tons of questions on IG that Andrew was answering.

Some questions were:

  • What were Andrew’s Monday Must-Haves? (Saxx Underwear. He SWEARS by those!)
  • What was his favourite dish to cook me? (Creamy garlic & mushroom sauce pasta)
  • When was he going to pop the question?!?! (LOL)

We laughed at that question and he decided to answer that one by driving away on the scooter we rented. VERY FUNNY ANDREW. (Insert eye roll)

Little did I know, ‘the question’ was coming 3 hours later…

After we were nice and day drunk from hopping around to a couple of wineries, we headed back to the cottage and cooked up another delicious BBQ dinner. The sun had just started setting at this time, when Andrew said “Let’s go watch the sunset and take a few sunset photos”.

I thought, WOW, he’s really taking this whole social media thing to the next level. Regardless, I was happy to find a beautiful sunset spot and take photos.

So, we hopped back onto the scooter, and he drove up to a beautiful spot – right in the middle of a gorgeous vineyard where the sunset was the backdrop. Not a soul in sight.

He grabbed his cell phone and propped it up on the ground with his helmet behind it. He put a timer on the camera and took a ‘test’ shot of us. It looked great, and he went back to take another one. This time, without me knowing, he changed it to video mode and hit record…

He came to me, said some beautiful things, hugged me tightly, and then reached into his pocket, got down on one knee, and asked me to marry him. (Photo of the exact moment below.)

I felt like I got the wind knocked out of me. I was SPEECHLESS.

I really had no words at this moment. I think at some point I said yes. I was shaking, and so was he. This moment was the happiest moment of my life.

We hung out by the sunset a bit longer and took in every breath as it came our way. We were both still in shock and just oozing with happiness.

After a while, we got back onto the scooter and headed back to the cottage to tell everyone.

You guys should know, that NO ONE knew this was happening other than Andrew. Not my parents, not his, not even my best friend. He had asked my dad about two months ago. Everyone was overjoyed and thrilled!

August 10th is my new favourite date and a date I will never forget.

To my sneaky little fiancé, you did good. SO GOOD. <3

We haven’t planned anything till now. We’re not planning on getting married soon, however, if you guys have any recos on UNIQUE venues, send them my way. No traditional halls.

Also, thank you to EVERYONE for your sweetest messages, DMs, texts, and phone calls. We are so so SO happy. I promise I will share every wedding planning detail!

And again, HUGE thank you to The Photography Co. for these photos!

Xx, kim

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Photography by The Photography Co.

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