In the past couple of weeks, a few people have asked me why I started blogging? What made me get into blogging? This got me thinking…then of course, the lightbulb in my head turned on, and I thought I should write a blog post about it, so that you ALL know why and how I started blogging.

There are actually a few reasons as to why I ultimately started blogging.

It all started in university, about 7 years ago. I majored in Fashion Communication at Ryerson in Toronto. (Such an amazing program btw!) The program was filled with amazingly talented individuals who were all interested in similar things. The main thing being fashion, of course. But ‘fashion’ is SO broad. There’s fashion marketing, event planning, graphic design, styling, designing, and the list can seriously go on!

While my time at Ryerson focused a lot on major projects, presentations, and grueling late nights, the one thing I loved about being in such a creative program, was all the inspiration I would gain from my fellow peers. Also, around this time, Pinterest was my best friend. (And still is, of course) For every project idea, one would always start by getting inspiration from things you see. Pinterest being one of them. This led me to ridiculous amounts of pinterest photos I became obsessed with, and instead of just pinning them, I decided I would create a ‘fashion blog’ of all my inspirations.

This was when These Shoes Were Made For Talking was born.

Yep, that was the original name! I was young, and in a rush to create this fashion blog, because now I was obsessed with the idea and couldn’t wait to get all my inspirations out there in the world for people to see!

So, in between classes, projects, presentations, and gruelling late-nights, here I was, writing my blog. Filling it with all sorts of fashion trends I loved, runway outfits I wanted to own, and photos of gorgeous interior designs.

This continued on until after university. However, after 4 years of schooling, and a bachelor’s degree in hand, I took up a bunch of full-time jobs, and had zero time for blogging. About a year later, I revisited the blog, and decided it needed a revamp. I was completely over the name, and to be quite honest, the content as well. This got me thinking. What was it that I really wanted people to come to my blog for? I knew the focus still had to be fashion.

After pondering the idea for months, I decided I couldn’t decide on a name, and therefore the only name I knew wouldn’t piss me off, was my own. So for another few years, the blog was KimberleyMarquis.com.’

I had completely changed the look of the blog, making it much more modern and sleek. (Pretty much what you see now). I got rid of a lot of old content, and decided to start fresh. This blog was going to be more of a fashion and lifestyle one. Once the revamp was all done, I was excited to start blogging again! I felt like I gave it life.

Ever since then, the blog has been my baby. It’s my own thing, and I couldn’t be more proud of it. A couple of months ago, the name ‘The Chic Confidential’ came to me, and I knew that was it! I got that changed, and did a little more revamping.

Everyday I am able to do the things I love, and I couldn’t be happier. Many of you have asked me why I don’t blog full time. Well, the reason for that is because I have a job that I absolutely love, and I have never seemed to be stuck in a position where I hated my job. I’m an event planner full-time, and I wake up every morning, loving what I do. There is no better feeling than that. I equally love blogging, but that is something that I enjoy more as a hobby, for now.

I like to say that blogging is my escape. When I want to be me, when I want get away from the negatives in the world, I write. It’s also my tie into the fashion scene. That’s where my passion lies, and although the events I plan everyday are not necessarily fashion events, that is what my blog is for. I get to be creative and show my readers my true colours, and my passion.

I am a strong believer in following your passions and doing what you love to to. There is nothing worse in life than waking up everyday and doing something you hate. Life isn’t always easy, but the sooner you let go of the crappy job/lifestyle/diet whatever, the closer you are to doing something you actually love!

I cannot believe how much the blog has grown over the years! I sit back and look at the statistics, and it actually blows my mind. I am so extremely blessed to be able to do what I love everyday, and blogging is one of them. I have such an amazing support system as well, that have pushed me through the years, and kept me positive and true to myself. So thank you to you guys, and all my amazing, loyal, readers!

If you guys have more questions on blogging, comment below or send me an email! I love hearing from you guys. I hope I’ve answered your questions, though!

+ I’m on Instagram @thechicconfidential 

++ I’ve also just launched my Facebook page! ‘LIKE’ to keep up with all my craziness. 😉

Xx, kim


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