Spring is officially here, and I’m kicking it off by sharing some of the the best outfits for Spring brought to you by Ever New.

Ever New has been one of my go-tos for fashion these days. Check out my Fall Fashion and Winter Fashion posts here.

They’ve got really well-made pieces that you can transition from season to season and these pieces will last you a while. I keep on re-wearing pieces from their fall and winter collections. Especially their blazers. They really do have the BEST selection of blazers, trust me.

Okay, let’s jump right into the post!



I feel like everyone needs a faux leather jacket for spring. It’s just one of those staple pieces that you throw on for an effortless look. Am I right? I LOVE this beige colour too! I actually have the black faux leather jacket from a couple seasons ago as well. They are so soft and comfy, and the fit is perfect. You can also wear this pieces into summer as it’s very transitional.

Let’s talk about this racer tank!! It’s makes any outfit for spring and of course, summer. I absolutely love the cut of this tank, super flatter and comfy. I don’t own a tank top like this, and I’m happy I do now.

Pair the tank with shorts, mini skirts, or if you want a more “office look” then high rise work pants and a blazer work perfectly! It’s so versatile and chic. MANY of you asked about this tank when I posted on stories.

Jacket linked here.

Tank top linked here.


OMG, I die for this blazer though!! Talk about a spring staple, in my opinion. I love love blazers! I have a ton of them hanging in my closet, and it’s one of my most worn items. There’s nothing quite like a blazer to pull together a BOSS LADY look. You know?

This blazer is so perfect for spring, I HAD to have it! I don’t own anything that’s a burnt sage colour, and this was a beauty. The colour isn’t crazy bright, which is what I love about it. It’s a muted sage, so you don’t stand out like a sore thumb in the office. LOL.

I love that you can dress this blazer up or down. It’s perfect for work or even just a casual day paired with some ripped jeans. I’m also wearing the racer tank under this blazer.

Blazer linked here.

Tank top linked here.


Okay, but there’s nothing basic about this t-shirt. I love the square neck and I LOVE the puffy sleeves. It’s a fun twist on your regular t-shirt. This one is flirty and chic. You can wear the sleeves up, over your shoulders, or pulled down, likeI have it in the photos. Personally, I love them pulled down.

The square neck is also very flattering and feminine. It’s a nice length to tuck into denim shorts or jeans. Perfect for drinks out on the town…whenever we get there. 😉

Tee linked here.


If we know anything about fashion or style, it’s that everyone needs a little black dress. Or in my case, I’ve got 10…

This is SUCH a cute, flattering, and comfy dress you guys! Look at those sleeves! The A-line makes it’s very fun and flirty, and the the length is perfect for summer. If you’re an expecting mum and you’ve got a bump, this is the dress you want! Trust me. It looks super cute! The sleeves are those puffy sleeves I love, and you can pull them up or down.

This dress would look adorable with the faux leather jacket on top as well. And of course, it can be dressed up or down. I seriously love it, and will be living in this dress all summer.

Dress linked here.


I mean….I couldn’t resist this dress when I saw it! Let me tell you, yellow is usually not my colour. Until I saw this dress. I’m still not sure if yellow is my colour, but this dress was SO CUTE and vintage-inspired, I just had to have it. I felt like Princess Diana circa 1980s. (See below) And we all know Princess Di’s fashion was iconic.

Anyway, it’s perfect for spring/ Easter weekend. You KNOW I will be brunching in this outfit on Easter.

Dress linked here.

Okay, are you guys loving these outfits for spring? I’m so happy that the weather is finally warming up!

Where is everyone shopping these days? Tell me in the comments.

Xx, kim

Disclosure: Thank you to Ever New for gifting me these items. As always, all opinions are my own!


  1. How is the sizing for Ever New since it’s an Australian company? Did you order clothing in what would be considered your sizing in Australia or for US/Canada? Confusing since the model stats state their Australian size so I don’t want to agree it up!

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