As much as I love summer, it’s officially time to say goodbye and embrace fall for all it is! Which means, fall fashion, warm drinks (all you Pumpkin Spiced Latte people) and my personal favourite, FALL TABLE DECOR!

Nothing gets me more in the mood for a season than when I change up my home decor. For winter between Dec-Jan, I bring out all the Christmas stuff – a mini Christmas tree with the most gorgeous matte black ornaments, stockings, fake snow on the mantle along with TONS of Christmas-y smelling candles.

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For fall, I like to bust out all the Pampas grass that one can find – LOL – burlap, cute white pumpkins, and of course my favourite candle from Bath & Body Works, Sweater Weather! What is fall without this candle?!

The answer is, it’s nothing.

Anyway, since Covid is still in our presence, we gotta keep Thanksgiving dinner small this year. No massive turkey for 20 people.

This year, we’ll be inviting my family over for dinner one night, and then maybe because the decor is SO cute, a few friends another day.

Regardless we are keeping it very small.

Fall table decor

However, just because it’s small, doesn’t mean the decor can’t be cute, AMIRIGHT?!

So, I’m sharing how to do Fall table decor at your home. It’s easy, fun to do, and most importantly, budget friendly! No need to spend tons of money doing this. Kk, let’s get into it.



So, first things first, the base is important. Do you want/need a table cloth? For my dining table, we don’t normally use a tablecloth, which is why I wanted one for this table decor. We usually just put some place mats and eat on those.

I wanted a beige linen tablecloth since my dining chairs are a darker brown. I found one at Homesense for $29.99. SCORE!

Once you’ve got your base, then start building from there. I bought a huge roll of burlap from the dollar store, which I wanted to use as part of the “centrepiece”.

I cut a long piece from the roll and created little folds over each other to create some depth and dimension. The centre is the where all the attention is, so make that dramatic. (If that’s your style.)


When it comes to your dinnerware, think of the colour of your plates and bowls, and work around those colours. I have simple white, ceramic and very modern plates, so I could play with my colours. I wanted to keep the theme of the table, rustic and minimal. I didn’t want to overdo the centre as it’s a small table to begin with.

If you’ve got a bigger table, feel free to add more.


Again, when it comes to accessorizing, make sure to use colours that are similar to your dinnerware. Everything should be cohesive and there should be one main focal point.

Pumpkins might be the most basic thing when it comes to fall decor, but who doesn’t love pumpkins, right? I vouched for beautiful white and steel blue mini pumpkins for the centre of my table.

My focal point was a white vase full of pampas grass. I bought the vase at Homesense and the pampas grass at a local store. You can find them anywhere! Once I placed the vase in the middle of the table, I started adding the pumpkins in. This created a beautiful start to the centre piece/focal point of the table.

Other fall accessories can include, berries, figs, eucalyptus branches, and straw placemats.


Candles are HUGE for any fall table decor. They really are a must! I love the smell of Sweater Weather from Bath & Body Works. It’s the perfect fall candle in my opinion, and a fan favourite.

Candles are a great way to add warmth to the table. Don’t be afraid to use different sizes at the table. Using different sizes (some tall & short ones) creates depth and is so visually appealing. I had these sizes, so I stuck with that. No need to complicate. Work with what you’ve got first.


Cloth napkins add such a homey feeling to the table, and they really add that level of class when it comes to hosting. I picked these up at Homesense and LOVE how the blues in them match the blue pumpkins on the table.

As mentioned before, work with similar colours so that things flow well. Your table should be at least 3-4 colours. You don’t want too many more as your table will start to look messy and cluttered.

As for napkin rings, sure you can go out and buy some, but I used the dollar store burlap I already had. (Keeping costs to a minimum)

I cut out thin strips from the burlap roll and tied them around the napkin. I loved this idea since again, now the napkin “rings” match the centre of the table, bringing everything together nicely.

I added a piece of fake greenery to the napkin rings from a plant I had at home. It was an old plant that wasn’t being used, so I decided to cut a few stems off it and place them on the napkins.

Of course, you can add all kinds of things to your table, jazzing it up anyway you’d like. You can do smaller vases with greenery in them, more candles, berries, maple plants, etc. But I wanted to keep this table simple, modern, and chic.

Remember when decorating, to always play with different heights, sizes, and textures. These are all things that will bring life to your table.

I hope you guys enjoyed that. I wish you all the BEST fall season ever, and Happy Thanksgiving in advance.

Please remember to keep your celebrations small and intimate until Covid bids us farewell. 🙂

Xx, kim

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