When it comes to gifting for Christmas, everyone ALWAYS gets stumped. And then it’s a last minute scramble to the mall with 18,000 people, and you end up with a gift that NO ONE will ever use.

So not only did you jeopardize your mental health…by going into a busy mall during the Christmas season, but you also spent money on something that’s going to be totally useless.

Does this sound like you? I feel like it sounds like a lot of people. Gifting for Christmas can be such a struggle sometimes, because you never know what to get people.

Well, it doesn’t always have to be.

There are a few gifts that are just ALWAYS amazing to gift people. Not only for Christmas, but all year round. Birthdays, house-warmings, mother’s day, or ‘just because’ gifts.


I feel like you can never go wrong with a good candle. Me personally, I have a candle in every corner of my home. Because usually when I go out to buy candles as a gift for someone, I pick one (or two) up for myself. DUH. They make such gorgeous gifts though. And you can theme them for when you’re gifting. They have a million different holiday scents at this time. During the fall, Daniel, one of my good friends gifted me a couple fall candles for the new home. I swear, they are the BEST gifts. Nothing is better than a home that smells like pumpkin spiced cupcakes.

But really though, people forget about candles. Even men like candles, as much as they deny it. I swear, every time we leave Homesense, Andrew has got at least 3 candles in the cart. So yea, our home has ALL the candles.

+ Stalk my fave candle scents here.


Books are another great gift idea! Most people love to read, and if they don’t I’m sure they appreciate a good coffee table book at least. If you know the type of books they read, then grab something that’s specific to what they like. If not, a gift card to Chapters Indigo will do. And if they really don’t like books, they’ll grab something else at Chapters.

+ Stalk my summer reads here.

Customized Art:

OMG – how cute are these though?! So, when I say art, I don’t mean go out and get a huge canvas with flowers or a picture of a sunset and gift that to someone. NONONO. Art is VERY personal. And when it comes to art, people are very picky. (As you should be) However, a customized print like this is SUPER cute for a gift! I mean, when these talented artists gifted me these, I was seriously touched. Just look at how talented they are! Getting stuff like this isn’t just thoughtful, but also unique. And no matter what occasion it is, this kind of gift is perfect.

STALK THEM ON INSTAGRAM: Left: @curio.co  |  Right: @chiconpaper

By the way, if you want to contact any of these artists for a print of your own, their Instagram handles are linked. They both do custom work.

Both these prints are up on our gallery wall at home. Nothing better than hanging local art pieces on the walls. Thanks to both these talented ladies for gifting these to me. I’m obsessed with them.

K, so what’s everyone’s thoughts on gifting for Christmas? Are you a good gifter? What’s totally off limits for you?

Personally, I love something small and thoughtful. I’m not huge on gifts. (Pretty much because when I want something, I just get it myself. I’m not patient like that.)

Share your thoughts.

Xx, kim

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  1. Me too, I love personalised gifts more than anything! Those illustrations look so beautiful. Thanks for sharing this super helpful list.

  2. I was following along and agreeing to what id like, candles- I love candles. books- I love books, etc.. and then I get to custom artwork and im jaw dropped, hands flapping in the air excited like “oh my gosh oh my gosh” that’s a GREAT idea! and those two pieces are amazzzzziiinnnggg

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