Scented Candles For The Holidays.

So, one of my FAVOURITE leading-up-to Christmas traditions is sitting by my gorgeous lit up tree, wine in hand, lights off, and the smell of Christmas-y candles burning. NOTHING is cozier, you guys. 
I’m a huge candles person. The smell, the sound, the vibes, the ambiance…it’s all just so appropriate for the Holidays. I mean, I’m a candles person all year round, but over Christmas, I just get wayyy too excited and buy everything. 
Since Black Friday is tomorrow, I thought I’d share my fave candles with you guys. Also, if you could smell my home right now, you’d die, because I’ve got about seven candles lit and it smells amazing! Think pine cones, fresh balsam & evergreen trees with hints of vanilla. If that’s not cozy, I don’t know what is…
Okay, let’s talk candles. 
WINTER  |   This one is a Bath & Body Works fave! It’s 3-wick and made using the highest concentration of fragrance oils. If you don’t like a strong smell, this one isn’t for you. However, in a big space, this won’t be too strong. The smells are amazing!! Think white wood, pine needles, clementines, and spiced cloves. YUM.
SANTA’S COOKIES  |  Yes, I’ll take anything that smells like cookies, thanks. This one from The Canadian Candle Company is not only delicious smelling, with smells of sweet cookie dough, vanilla extracts, and a hint of nutmeg, but also a wood wick candle! And if you don’t know what a wood wick candle is, you need to RUN out and get one. Their WoodWick candle features a natural wick made from organic wood, and literally sounds like crackling fire. So shut off your TV, music, or whatever else is going on in the background, grab your favourite book and listen to the sounds of crackling fire while you read. Kind of perfect, no? I’m also loving the vintage jar…

SNOWY PINE & FIR BALSAM  |  This one HAS to be my favourite from Indigo! Because the smell of fir balsam is just heaven on earth. If you’re into the scents of white pine, crisp air, orange zest, snow rose, fuji apple, sage, sandalwood, atlas cedar and fir balsam, this one’s for you! I love a fresh smelling home, as I’m sure we all do. Lol. But there’s something about this scent that just makes Christmas come sooner. I’m one of those (crazy) people that will start Christmas decorating pretty soon after Halloween…

VANILLA SNOWFLAKE  |  This one is another popular one from Bath & Body Works. It’s very light and calming. It’s also 3-wick, and smells of vanilla, iced fir, mint, and coconut flakes. You can actually smell a little bit of everything in there. Which is why I love this one so much! Also, anything that’s coconut related, I’m obsessed with. Bounty chocolate, coconut oil, Coconut chips, and the list goes on.

If you’re gearing up for the Christmas season, and have no idea what to buy someone, candles make the perfect stocking stuffers. I mean, I can’t get ENOUGH candles. They are all over my place and my home just smells like Christmas all the time. What more can you ask for, right? 

Any other candle lovers out there? What are your faves? Share!

I’m going to get cozy with some Riesling and another episode of How To Get Away With Murder, all candles lit of course. 

Chat soon–

Xx, kim


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