Norwegian Cruises have never really been my thing. If I’m being totally honest. I mean, in all fairness, I’ve never been on a cruise, but it was just my assumption that I wouldn’t enjoy traveling around the world on an enclosed ship…

But when your parents offer to take you on a family vacation on a Norwegian Cruise for a week, it’s kind of hard to say no. You know?

My sister and I haven’t traveled with my parents in a WHILE. When we were younger, we traveled everywhere together. Traveling as a family when I was younger is and always will be some of my favourite memories, and something I’d like to do with my kids some day. It opened our eyes at a very young age to how important traveling is. Personally, for me, traveling teaches you way more than sitting in a classroom learning from books. Experience is MUCH more valuable to me.

Anyway, traveling as a family as adults is very different than traveling to Disney when you’re 13. Biggest difference? You can get smashed with your parents. So, naturally we got the unlimited drinks package when we booked the cruise.

Watch the video below, and then I’ll get into specifics!

We booked the Norwegian Escape Cruise for a one week Caribbean cruise. The islands were: Roatan, Hondouras, Harvest Caye, Belize, Costa Maya, Mexico, and Cozumel, Mexico. I have been to Mexico before, however, not those islands. I was pretty excited about the itinerary.

So, let me get into the actual Norwegian Cruise. The ship was stunning! HUGE as ever with 4,500 passengers on board and 1,500 staff. That’s about double the amount of people on the Titanic. LOL. Not to compare or anything. But if you’ve never been on a cruise, the moment you step on, it’s hard NOT to think of the Titanic. The staircases, the dining rooms, the pretty dresses, “women and children only,” Leo…

I’m getting off track here… HAHA

But you get it, right? Point is, the ship was huge. There was something happening everywhere. The entertainment was non stop, the food was 24/7, the drinks were flowing, and everything was so well organized. I was actually blown away by how well everything was organized! Every night you’d get a little agenda as to what was happening the next day on the ship. There would be a brief description of the island you were visiting with some fun facts, plus the itinerary of all things happening on the ship if you didn’t want to get off. We obviously got off at every island.

Once you’re off the ship, you can do whatever you want until about 5pm, when you need to get back on the ship. This is where I felt a bit limited with time. Because when you’re having a blast on an island somewhere, the last thing you want to do is leave.

And I felt that way about ALL the islands. There was never enough time to explore. When I travel, I like to do my research and really get into the local areas of places. I like to experience the culture, food, music, everything! And I just didn’t get enough time to do all that.

If you’re into traveling to many places at once, in a short amount of time, I totally recommend cruising. Many people swear by it, and LOVE IT. My parents are hard core cruisers and absolutely love it.

So, who has been on a Norwegian Cruise before? Do you love it/hate it? I wanna know! Where have you guys been?

Xx, kim

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