We are headed on a mini road trip in partnership with Ford Canada again! We loved the Ford vehicles so much, that we couldn’t resist another collaboration with them.

Well I FELL IN LOVE with their brand, too!

We headed to Windsor, Ontario for our mini road trip.

What’s in Windsor you ask? Andrew and I went to support his sister, who happens to be a ridiculously talented artist. The museum of Windsor just bought her latest art collection called, Swine. If you’re anywhere near Windsor, you MUST go check it out. The collection is very, very cool!

Also check her out: Guys, she’s INSANE!! Jaw-dropping shit.

Anyway, back to Ford. So, they lent me their Ford Fusion Sport this time for the mini road trip. Honestly, I’m not a huge car person – like, give me a box on wheels and if it can take me from A to B, I’m pretty happy.

HOWEVER….my standards have changed. In fact, Ford has converted me. Which I think is the point to all their collaborations with me. HAHA. I mean, I’m not complaining in any way!

I’m falling more and more in love with the Ford brand and their fabulous vehicles. Does anyone else drive a Ford? Share your thoughts, cause I’m BLOWNNN away. I mean, even a little cruise control blows me away, but whatever, I find it fascinating. LOL.

Sooo, I thought it would be super fun (for me, not Andrew) to film a little vlog of our mini road trip to Windsor…

How cooool was that parallel park job though?? INSANE, RIGHT??

K, let’s talk about some major key features of the Ford Fusion that I loved:

AC in the seats!! If you’re anything like Andrew and I, then you’re the complete opposite when it comes to temperatures. I like it HOT HOT, and he likes the cold. So, not only can you control the vent temperatures on either side of the car, but AC actually blows out of the seats!! This was a game changer for Andrew. His balls were nice and cool. Right, babe? LOL.

Sport Mode – 325 horsepower. I have no clue what that actually means, except that it’s FASTTT! I love how quickly it picks up power to pass certain people on the road.

Adaptive cruise control. This was one of my favourite features, because 1) I’ve never used cruise control before, so it was fascinating to me, and 2) this cruise control was unique! You can adjust it to whatever speed you want, and then also adjust the space between the car in front of you. So, if there’s someone in front of you slowing down, your car will automatically slow down as well. And once the person in front of you picks up speed, the Ford will too! HOW COOL! It took me a little while to trust the car, but once you do, it’s kind of amazing.

Sirius Radio. Because they have a 90son9 channel that plays everything from the 90s! What UP BSB, Britney, Brian McNight, and Mariahhhh!! K, I was loving every second of this. Andrew’s faves consisted of the E Street channel, the 60son6, and the Classical one.

Park assist. So, this is where you literally don’t have to do anything and your car will park itself. I’m still mind-blown from this. Not sure exactly how the car detects its surroundings, but whatever. I can’t parallel park for the life of me, so thank you Ford Fusion for doing it for me!


I’m sure there’s TONS more to this car that I’m missing, but I only had it for a day. Guys, if you’re looking for a car that’s safe, stylish, and fassst, look no further.

I honestly felt VERY safe in this car. It’s also very roomy for all my shit. Because even for an 8-hour road trip to Windsor, I had a trunk full of sutff. You just never know when you’re going to need your curling iron, you know? Or…if you’re a parent wondering if this is a good family car for your kiddos, IT IS. Lots of room for like…diapers and stuff? You get it.

Once again, THANK YOU Ford Canada for this fabulous experience. Next time, you can just leave the car with me 😉 PLZ & THXX.

Do you guys like mini road trips? Give us ideas for our next one!

Xx, kim

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