Back from Jamaica and feeling INSPIRED, REFRESHED, and RELAXED. That was some much need sun. I promise to do a whole Jamaica post for you guys on outfits, travel tips, and products I always travel with. But before we left, Andrew and I collaborated with Ford Canada on a campaign called “EXPLORE THE CITY”. Basically, we explored our own city of Toronto with the sexy 2019 Ford Edge ST, and let me tell you, this is a beast of a car.

But first, you should know – I rarely get impressed with cars. Handbags, yes. But cars have never really been my thing. With that said, since I’ve collaborated with Ford Canada, I’ve become such a little car snob. I mean, granted I still drive an old beater, but every time we get into one of these Ford vehicles, I’m more and more impressed with them.


Let me get into some of the specifics of the Ford Edge ST, and then I’ll let you guys in on what we did, and what you must do in Toronto.

  • SYNC3 with Apple Car Play and Android Auto

o   The SYNC3 with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto is such an awesome feature if you need to listen to good music all day long. Especially on longer road trips. Fill your phone with good playlists (90s-2001s for me!) and connect your phone. It’s super easy and then you can blast Backstreet Boys as loud as you want. Andrew especially loves when Wannabe by Spice Girls comes on.

  • Phone Charging

o   Nothing is worse than when your phone dies. No, really though. But you never have to worry about that in the Ford Edge, because 2 USB ports and 12-volt outlets!! HELLO.

  • Ford Co-Pilot360 Technology

o   The smart driver assist features are amazing!! I feel super safe because the vehicle has features to keep you in your own lane, to keep you at a good distance from the car in front of you, and basically to keep you safe at ALL TIMES. Yes plz!

  • S for Sport Mode

o  Definitely one of Andrew’s favourite features of this Ford Edge ST. ! Push the ‘S’ button and enjoy a super-fast speed of 335hp. It’s thrilling, really.

Other than that, there are SO many more features we love. You can control the temperatures on driver’s and passenger’s side. So I can blast the heat at 27.5 degrees while Andrew has his at 16 degrees. There’s also a TON of room in the car (for all my baggage). I never travel lightly. Even into Toronto. LOL.

Okay, let’s get into what we did. If you’re visiting Toronto, and are looking for some fun stuff to do for the weekend, be sure to keep reading. And if you already live in Toronto, and haven’t explored much, you MUST.


Toronto is full of adorable coffee shops everywhere. And let me tell you, most of them are very much Instagrammable. So, throw on a cute outfit and explore the coffee shops downtown. We headed right for the Distillery District, because it’s just the most charming area in Toronto. I think so, anyway! Cobble stone everywhere, cute artisan shops, art galleries, and yummy food. What more could anyone want? It’s super cozy, and has photo opportunities at every corner you turn. We stopped at Arena Coffee Bar and grabbed a couple lattes. This is such a cute spot. Not only can you get coffee and treats, but you can also pick up little kitchen items. They’ve got cookbooks, coffee mugs, kitchen towels, hot sauces, jams, etc.

After we grabbed our coffees we explored a little of the Distillery District in our Ford Edge ST. Like I said, every corner is something fun to see and do. On Saturdays they have a little market in the alleyways, and vendors come out to sell hand crafted items. There’s everything from belts, hats, scarves, skincare products, etc. We roamed around the market, and then went indoors to check out the art gallery.


After about an hour and a half of exploring in our Ford Edge ST, we decided to stop at my favourite Mexican restaurant, El Catrin. Guys, if you haven’t been, you MUST go! Especially on a warm day where the patio is in full swing. But whether you sit outside or inside, the entire place has a really cool Mexican vibe. They’ve got a gorgeous mural on the inside of their restaurant wall, so make sure you peek inside to check that out. The food is fantastic! We got their homemade guacamole to start. And then I got the fish tacos, obviously. And Andrew got the steak burrito. The food is super fresh and delicious.


Ummmm, well this was the COOLEST thing ever!! If you’re a 90s baby, you will thoroughly enjoy this. Basically is a 90s nostalgic pop-up experience, with TONS photo-ops. Remember bubble chairs, candy necklaces, and beaded curtains? YEA…well they’ve got all those and more. You walk through this tunnel with different rooms and snap your photos. It was SO much fun. You guys must check it out before it’s gone.

I mean, I don’t remember having hot pink lockers in High School, but how fun is this?!

After this, Andrew and I just drove around the city because we truly loved every moment of the Ford Edge ST. We weren’t ready to give it up yet. If you’re in the market for a new vehicle, make sure to give this one a test drive. I swear, you will most likely fall in love with it.

Okay, so where are you guys from? Toronto? Big city? Small town? Share below!

Xx, kim

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++ Oh, and my Random Acts of Kindness campaign with Ford Canada.


This post was in collaboration with Ford Canada. As always, all opinions are my own.

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