do what makes your soul shine

I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again. Stop doing shit you hate doing.

GUYS, life is too short for that. And you need to be picky about what you do and don’t do.

I came across this saying the other day while I was mindlessly scrolling through Facebook.

“Do what makes your soul shine.”

Sometimes when I have a couple minutes, I like to just scroll through my newsfeed. (I probably shouldn’t) But you come across all kinds of things: Funny videos of babies, memes, and sometimes the odd inspirational quote. (I don’t care for cat videos) :/

Anyway, I read that quote and stopped to think about it for a moment. I asked myself, am I doing things that make my soul shine? I thought about all the things in my life – my career(s), my relationships, even my eating/shopping habits (LOL) and wondered if all the choices I was making in life, made “my soul shine.”

Now I realize that sounds a bit…cheesy. Like, WTF does ‘making your soul shine’ even mean?!

Do what makes your soul shine

I like to think of it as putting a smile on your face most of the time. Not every single minute of every day, because that would just be fucking weird. If you’re happy and smiling every single minute of every day, you’re either on some blue pills or are majorly faking it.

It’s okay not to be smiling ALL the time. Shit happens right? We get frustrated at life, work, people, etc. It’s all in how we handle it. (I like to handle it with a coffee before I speak to anyone in the mornings). But that’s me. You do you, boo.

Ok, I’m getting off track here. The point I’m trying to make, and the point of this post, is to quit what’s making life so bothersome, and do something that puts a smile on your face.

If you’re not loving what you’re doing, it will reflect on your work. Trust me.

Nothing is worse than going into a job every morning where all you want to do is stab your eyes out with your own office supplies. I’ve been there. It wasn’t that long ago where I was sitting in a home office in a basement, with no windows working for a terrible boss who cared about nothing but herself. There wasn’t one thing I enjoyed about working there. From the 2 hour commute, to the grueling 8-hour day, to the condescending tone of my boss’ voice, it was all…torture. I stuck it out for almost a year. Point is, I realized how much I hated it, I knew my worth, and I KNEW this couldn’t be it for me. This was NOT going to be my life.

I knew I had to leave and find something that made me happier. MUCH HAPPIER. Like, make my soul shine and shit.

I quickly made some big life decisions. And now, I do what makes me smile, most days. Will this be it for me? Who knows?

I don’t mean quit your day job when you have a mortgage, bills, and kids to pay for. That’s just stupid. What you need is a plan. So create one. Maybe you can’t quit your day job today. But who says you can’t quit in a year? Two years?

Everyone who’s got a successful business, had a plan. Their companies didn’t just fall into their laps. They had a vision, a strategy, a mandate, possibly a team of people they trusted, and then executed everything once there was a solid plan.

If you quit your day job without having a plan, thinking you’re going to become a millionaire overnight, you’re setting yourself up for failure. That much I can tell you. Although, we all know failure isn’t always a bad thing. Just read my post on failure.

Also, I know I’m kind of focusing on jobs/careers here, but this doesn’t just go for that. This goes for everything in life. Relationships. Are you in one that makes your soul shine? Meaning, are you happy most of the days? Is he/she putting a smile on your face? GET OUT if that’s not the case.

Again, I’ve been there. 7 years in a toxic relationship, 7 years of fighting, 7 years of commitment issues, and 7 years of unhappiness. Okay, well not a full 7 years of unhappiness. That’s unfair to say. Regardless, you know what I mean. Pulling the trigger is the hardest part. But once you’ve done it, mannnnn, you’ll feel good.

This also goes for the smaller things in life that make you happy. For instance, naps. Naps make me VERY happy. Sipping coffee on weekends with no one disturbing me, makes me happy. Sitting on my balcony in silence while I read, makes me happy. Whatever it is, big or small, that makes you happy, make sure you do it.

Guys, life is too short to live unhappily. Quit that job you hate (but have a plan), leave that toxic relationship (and don’t make the same mistakes again), eat the extra slice of pizza (then take the stairs home) and for the love of God, BUY THE DAMN SHOES. 😉 (But maybe sleep on it?) HAHA. I never sleep on it, I just buy them…

You get what I mean, right? So, I’m leaving this quote here for you:

Do What Makes Your Soul Shine. 

Take a minute, or a few minutes to ask yourself if you’re doing what makes your soul shine. Are you happy? Can you be happier? What needs to change?

Okay, I’m off. Hope you guys are having an awesome week so far!

Xx, kim

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  1. August 1, 2017 / 11:56 pm

    This is brilliant! You are speaking my language, great post! I'm with you, everything in life is about balance right – nothing will be 100% of anything. There is always some good with the bad & always a few bad within everything good. It's about perspective, if there's a majority of something that makes you unhappy – it's probably toxic, leave it behind.

    Also, love the dress – looks amazing on you!

    Keep makin' that soul shine.

    XO. Christine
    ♡ Christine Anne
    A Blueberry Girl

  2. August 2, 2017 / 2:28 am

    Thanks for your comment, Christine!! It's a really great way to look at life like that. I'm a strong believer in balance. 🙂 xo

  3. Anonymous
    August 3, 2017 / 8:09 pm

    Such a beautiful dress! ��

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