YOU GUYS ASKED FOR IT….so I’m sharing the perfect natural glowy make-up tutorial on the blog today.

Lately, I’ve been doing mini tutorials on Insta-stories for you guys and you seem to really like them. Many of you are asking about the products I’m using, skincare routines, best bronzers, foundations, lipsticks, etc. And you know on The Chic Confidential we love to share…

This natural glowy make-up tutorial took me all of 10 minutes, by the way. It’s for the girl ON THE GO. I can’t fuss with hours of sitting in front of the mirror. My style is picking the best kind of make-up brands that will last all day. I get this look on in the morning, and then I don’t touch my face until I need to remove it all. The only thing I will reapply is lipstick. (If at all)

OK, check out the video because there are brands in there that I SWEAR BY!! None of this is sponsored. I’m just sharing brands I love, k?


Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter

Burt’s Bees Foundation

Burt’s Bees Powder

Vita LiberataTrystal Mineral Bronzer

Nude By Nature “Desert Rose” Blush

ELF Brow Cream

Nude By Nature “Sunrise” Eyeshadow

Nude By Nature “Sunset” Eyeshadow

Pixi Beauty Dual Eyeliner

Nude By Nature Mascara (the best!!)

Nude By Nature “Champagne” Highlighter

Nude By Nature Highlighter Palette

Nude By Nature “Rose Beige” Concealer

Nude By Nature “Dusk” Lipgloss

Pixi Beauty Mist

Ok, so there it is! I’ve linked everything for you guys, because I know you’re going to want to know! Honestly, that Nude By Nature mascara is BOMB! And I love a good mist, and Pixi Beauty knows what’s up.

Anyway, happy Monday. How was everyone’s weekend? I hope it was awesome and productive. Because mine surely was not. I was in so much need of the ice roller on Saturday morning after being slightly hungover. I went to the ROM for the first time for Friday Night Live, and OMG, it was amazing. Such a cool concept for an event! If you don’t know what I’m talking about, look it up. Basically, you can eat and drink anywhere you want while browsing the exhibitions at the ROM. There are so many cool food vendors. I highly recommend a night there. Make sure you buy your tickets in advance, because it gets packed!

On another note, I’ve (FINALY!!) jumped on the podcasts bandwagon and I can’t believe it’s taken me this long. I’m listening to all kinds of amazing podcasts. GaryVee, Influencer Insights, and more. It’s sooo great. HIGHLY recommend. The app I’m using is called Castbox.

Okay, that’s it for today.

Xx, kim

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+ Also, I got Botox, so check out my review here



  1. I have never heard of Nude by Nature – so thank you for sharing that brand for me! It sounds wonderfully effective at giving you that perfect sun-kissed glow this summer!

  2. I love nude looks but I struggle to find the right products/shades for me. You look gorgeous and I love the tutorial! Thank you so much for sharing!

  3. The packaging looks beautiful to begin with. I’ve heard of this brand, but have never personally used it. Thank you for sharing this tutorial.

  4. I already commented on your video, but I’m glad there’s a post too cause I wanted to see this beautiful tray you have. As I like to think I’m a crafty person, maybe I’ll do something like this… Was this a mirror with nice frame or really a tray?

    1. Kimberley Marquis

      I know, don’t you love that tray?? And you’re right, it’s not an actually tray, it’s a mirror with a nice frame 🙂

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