modern cabinet handles

Let’s talk about modern cabinet handles, shall we?

This post is long overdue, because we changed these cabinet handles the day we moved into our new house. LOL.

I wanted to share this is short post with you guys, because many of you wanted the link to these modern cabinet handles. They are chic, matte black (of course) and just very minimal.

When we were looking for houses, one of the most important features had to be the kitchen. Andrew and I love to cook, we love to eat, and spend time in the kitchen trying out new recipes. It’s definitely our thing.

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So, when we saw the kitchen in the house, we were SOLD. It was so spacious, functional, and pretty. Except for one minor flaw. The cabinet handles were silver… Errr, no.

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When it comes to home decor, I like minimal, modern, and lots of matte black. If you’re following me on Instagram, you already know this. So, when I saw the silver, out-dated handles, I needed to change those asap. I sourced out some really good ones on Amazon. Modern cabinet handles are not cheap! But these seemed reasonable, and I loved the way they looked. Again, clean and simple. And if we want to get specific on shape, I prefer sharper edges to rounded ones when it comes to cabinet handles. I feel like I see the rounded one a lot, and didn’t love that.

MAJOR TIP: If you’re planning on changing your cabinet handles, make sure you measure the length between the cabinet handle holes. We accidentally got the wrong ones and then had to do a return and re-buy. No big deal, but just thought I’d share that.

Anyway, once we got the ones we wanted, Andrew changed them the day we got the keys to the house. They make such a huge difference in my opinion. I love the way they look now! What do you guys think? Check out the before and after below.


All the products above, I have and LOVE. They fit my home aesthetics so well and they are modern, minimalistic pieces.

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Moving into a new home can be super exciting but also stressful. Especially when moving during Covid – which is exactly what Andrew and I did. LOL. However, you make it fun. And remember, not all home decor needs to be purchased all at once. Pace yourself and buy slowly. Make sure they are pieces that you LOVE. If there’s one thing I’m patient about, it’s home decor. When I was looking for a coffee table for my condo a while back, I waited 2 years before I found the absolute perfect table. And it was SO worth it.

Okay, are you a new home owner? Where do you guys think about these modern cabinet handles? Drop your recommendations below!

Xx, kim

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modern cabinet handles


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