You know what totally blows? Having to get all your home decor online!

All I really want in life right now is to physically walk into a homeware store and pick out some cute things for our new home. I mean, don’t get me wrong. I love online shopping. It’s easy, convenient, and efficient. Which I love. But when you’re in a new home, you want to touch and feel your home decor sometimes, you know? LOL. Sounds weird, but I feel like if you’re anything like me, then you get it. I want to be able to pick up a vase and say “yepp I need this for our home, honey”. But instead I’m browsing for hours online.

With that said, I have found some REALLY CUTE, CHIC Amazon home decor. Some functional and some not…

I’m the type of person who wants to set up the house immediately. I don’t like waiting around and sitting in an incomplete home. But, I also won’t settle for ugly things and I will wait until I find the perfect piece for whatever I’m looking for.

Anyway, I wanted to share some Amazon home decor finds with you incase you’re on the hunt for some fun home upgrades. Since being in lockdown sucks, I feel like a lot of us just want to spruce up our spaces. Small little things can make a huge difference. So, let’s jump right into this post.


Coffee Spoons :

I’m planning on making a little coffee station on my kitchen countertop. It will include our De’Longhi coffee maker, two white canisters; one with ground coffee and the other with coconut sugar. So, naturally we need cute coffee spoons. HOW CUTE ARE THESE?!

I’m totally obsessed. Our whole kitchen (and kind of our entire house) has accents of matte black. So I thought these spoons would be perfect. I will keep them in a little glass jar at the coffee station.

Snag them here!

3-Piece Candle Kit:

Another item I’ve wanted forever. I always thought it was super cute to have a wick cutter near by for your candles. Firstly, they actually preserve your nice candles and makes them last way longer if you use a wick cutter.

I wanted a cute fireplace vibe in our new home. Tall, white candles in matte black candlesticks. A gorgeous gold-rimmed arch mirror, (which I’m still looking for BTW) some pampass grass perhaps?

Anyways, I totally needed these. Snag them here.

Matte Black Candlesticks:

Again, for the fireplace. I thought these were so modern and cute and perfect for our place since everything has a matte black theme. If you’re looking to spruce up a corner of your home, these are adorable. They are also really well-made. They work nicely on a console table, above the fireplace, entry table, etc. Such a great Amazon home decor find!

Snag them here!

Clothing Rack:

This was very much a needed item in our home. I’m always doing try-ons for you guys on Instagram, and I need a place to store the new items as they come in. But regardless of try-ons, this is great if your closet is exploding and you need another rack for things. I also love using this to hang my work clothes for the week (when we went into the office…). It also has a rack at the bottoms for shoes, bags, etc. Again, it’s very well made and rolls around if you need it in other places of your house. For me, it rolls from my bedroom to my office very often!

Also matte black…

Grab it here!

Bamboo Drawer Dividers:

Probably my favourite item in this blog post!! These drawer dividers are the best things I’ve ever purchased on Amazon. HONESTLY!! If you have any messy drawers in the house, you need these. We have thinner drawers in the bathroom, and my shit was flying everywhere when we opened and closed those drawers. I couldn’t handle the mess and clutter. So, I scoured the internet for chic drawer dividers and found that these had amazing reviews. THE BEST AMAZON HOME DECOR FIND!

My drawers look so nice and neat now, thank GODDD. You can use these to divide up your hair tools if you’ve got a few. They look so nice and organized.

Grab these here!

White Ceramic Vase:

I might paint this matte black.

But how gorgeous is this vase? I was looking for something to go above the fireplace, and I wanted some vases. I already have a white ceramic tall vase, but for contrast, I wanted some short and wide. Saw this one, and immediately added to cart. I don’t think I will put anything in it as it’s perfect the way it is. But like I said, I might paint it matte black.

Grab the vase here!

Matte Black Toilet Roll Handle:

LOL, we’re getting a bit random now, but I feel like I needed to share because even in the bathroom I can’t stand ugly things. A silver toilet roll handle? YAWN. Something as small as this can really spruce up your bathroom. In fact, why stop at just the toilet roll handle? You can get sets with the towel rack, hooks, and handles all in matte black which really looks chic in the bathroom. Trust me.

Grab this handle here!

Velvet And Rose Gold Hangers:

To go with my matte black clothing rack, I needed these hangers. Okay fine, I didn’t need them, but I really wanted them. They are actually REALLY good hangers. Like, your clothes will never fall off these. The velvet finish keeps them on good, even a thin, strappy, silk dress. They’ve got little groves that straps fit nicely into.

And the rose gold just makes it, don’t you think? LOL

Snag them here!

Oil & Vinegar Toppers:

Okay these aren’t Amazon home decor, but they are an Amazon kitchen find. I’ve always hated the caps on oil and vinegar bottles because we use them so much that I just want to grab and pour, you know? Like on cooking shows, you never see a chef twist off a cap on an oil bottle. He just pours. Fast and efficient. I like that when it comes to cooking!

I LOOOVEE these. They come in a pack for 4 or 6 for like $10 bucks.

Grab them here.

Are you guys interested in seeing a home tour? If so, I will share on Instagram Reel or Stories, so make sure you’re following me there.

Xx, kim

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