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I feel like this post is very much needed. In fact, every couple months I should do a post on my Amazon favourites. I’m HUGE on Amazon purchases. I feel like whenever there is anything I need, that’s where I go first. Straight to Amazon.ca. BTW, in no way is this post sponsored. Just sharing the top 5, you know?

You guys know if I love something, I’m 100% bringing it to The Chic Confidential. It’s a no brainer. I’m a sharer. Maybe an over-sharer? Andrew definitely thinks so.

Okay here we go:

{ Posture Corrector }

I’ve been obsessed with this since the day it arrived. Honestly, you can get ALL the back massages and chiropractor appointments in the world, but nothing works like this posture corrector!! It has SAVED my back and continues to do so. The amazing thing is you can wear it anywhere. It’s like a little invisible backpack. You can wear it under your sweater or jacket, and go do your grocery shopping, or wear it at work, wherever really. I personally like wearing it at home once I’m back from work. Sitting all day can really take a toll on your back. So, once I’m home, and done with work, I strap on my sexy posture corrector, and cuddle up with Andrew and a glass of wine. He loves it. LOL. I wear it for another 30 minutes every night. Once I take it off, omg my back instantly feels better. It’s like someone is literally pulling your muscles together in the back. BEST FEELING. Trust me when I say, you guys need this. Especially if you have back issues. Oh, and it’s $25 bucks.

{ 24K Gold Eye Masks}

Okay, another amazing product. Guys, DON’T spend your money on expensive eye masks! It’s kind of not worth it. Don’t get me wrong, I love me a good eye cream. And yes, those are expensive. But I have tried and tested so many eye masks, and I’ve nailed down the best of the best. These eye masks are super cheap and they work like a charm. I love putting them in the fridge and then on my eyes. They give off an amazing cooling sensation, which brings down any puffiness you may have under your eyes. They also minimize the look of dark circles (I have terrible dark circles sometimes!) And they’re like 11 bucks for a pack of 25!

Ps. The ones shown in the picture are NOT the eye masks, they are the lip masks from the same company. But I was out of all my eye masks when I was doing this shoot. LOL. Ooops.

{ Mini Tripod }

This one is for all the bloggers/vloggers out there. I LOVE this tripod. It’s been SO amazing on all my trips. It fits in my purse and is the perfect on-the-go camera accessory! Actually, it’s not necessarily just for bloggers and vloggers. It’s for anyone that loves to take photos/videos when traveling. I’m always shooting something or the other when I’m traveling or out and about. Andrew just LOVES it when I bust out the tripod when we’re out for dinner. LOL. I kid I kid. Phones and tripods away for dinner. Sometimes. 😉 Anyway, this one is great. I had another one I ordered off Amazon, and while we were in Sri Lanka, it broke. NOT COOL. This one has been great so far.

{ The Hansderma Ice Roller }

I mean, this doesn’t need much of an explanation. But if you don’t know what an ice roller is, read this post! I’m obsessed, and this blog post will tell you why. And you NEED to know why. It’s amazing for skin. LOTS of benefits, especially on those hangover mornings. I can’t live without mine. I will take this when I travel because it’s the perfect little facial massager. You stick it in the freezer and it obviously gets super cold. Then you roll this on your face, neck, and chest. AMAZING for your lymphatic system, it tightens your skin, brightens, shrinks your pores, and gets rid of puffiness. So so so good! My skin LOVES it. And if we’re being real, Andrew fucking loves a good ice rolling.

+ on that note, check out the skincare products I swear by.

{ This Men’s White Hoodie }

This is random, but I’ve been on the hunt for a good men’s hoodie, and I’ve found the best one. I own ONE hoodie, and I’ve worn the shit out of it. Like, time to move on. It was gray, the perfect over-size hoodie, it had that front pocket we all need. I got it from a friend years ago from a company that no longer has them. Either way, it was clear I needed a new hoodie. Of course, I started browsing through Amazon, and looked and looked, and finally came across one that’s reasonably priced and SUPER comfy. I need a good balance, k. I don’t feel like spending over 60 bucks on a hoodie that I’m going to wear at home or to the grocery store. I like comfortable, cute, and under $20. I thought $17 bucks was pretty good! You guys need this hoodie. Seriously!! And I like men’s because it’s bigger and more comfier for some reason. I got it in Medium.

Okay, so what do I need to add to this list? I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one that’s obsessed with Amazon.

Talk soon!

Xx, kim

+ Check out my 5-minute Face video here!




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