I feel like you have to start a post on Vegas like that…

Okay, so I’m a little late on this post as it’s been about two weeks since I’ve been back from Vegas, but what’s new? Better late than never, right?

So, Vegas. Sin City. City of Lights. Entertainment Capital of the World.

SO MUCH to see, so much to do. There’s never a minute you’re in Vegas when you’re not doing something. I honestly felt like I needed a full week of vacation after returning from Vegas. Anyone else feel like this when you get back from Vegas?


So, if you we’re following on Snap/Insta, then you know that I celebrated my 30th birthday there. It was special, because there really is NO better way to ring in 30 than being in Vegas with your best friend.

To be honest, we didn’t have a whole plan or itinerary of things to do in Vegas. (SHOCKER, I know!) This was very much a go-with-the-flow vacation. The ONLY thing we did pre-plan was The Backstreet Boys concert. (My teenage-self was DYING.) This was the whole reason for going to Vegas, actually. Nevermind my birthday. We HAD to see BSB in concert again. ?????

So, I don’t know if you’ve ever been to Vegas in June, but the second we landed, it was a HEAT WAVE. Like, actually. None of this 28 degree weather with a “heat warning” we get here. No, no. This was a full 47 degrees Celsius of extreme, dry heat. For me, this is slightly Heaven on earth. Canadian weather is probably my least favourite thing about Canada…

To most (normal) people, 47 degrees would put them into a heat stroke. But, not me. I enjoyed every last drop of sweat that came my way. HAHA. To give you an idea of what 47 degrees feels like, turn your blow-drier on the hottest setting and blow it onto your skin. That’s Vegas, 47 degrees for you. HOT.

Anyway. Enough about the weather. You get it. It was steamy hot, and I loved it. I’d go back in a heartbeat.

Let’s talk about some hot spots for nightlife, some delicious restaurants, and of course, outfits.


Drai’s Beachclub at The Cromwell Hotel:


If you’re looking for something sassy, classy, and wildly Vegas, this is your spot. I absolutely loved the vibe here! Not only was the club SO beautifully decorated with palm trees, plush white seating everywhere, and a giant pool in the centre of venue, but they also had amazing music playing. Music is key for me. I’m not huge on the DJ scene, so just DJ music doesn’t really do it for me. I like a bit of everything from old school to new school, and I feel like this place had it all. I’m sure some nights they bring in DJs, so if that’s your scene, then definitely check out their website.

Jewel Nightclub at the Aria Hotel:

This was another beautiful venue. The atmosphere was on point, music not so much. The one thing I didn’t love about this spot was that there wasn’t seating available to anyone. You had to have bottle service to be seated. We were also offered free drink tickets here, which was great. So, we tossed back a couple of drinks and moved on. 😉

Lily Bar & Lounge at the Bellagio:

If you’re looking for more of a lounge-y atmosphere, I suggest this place. We didn’t stay too long here, but it was SUPER cute. Definitely a classier, high-end spot, so if you’re looking to get dressed up and sip on a martini, this is your spot. They had lots of seating, beautiful plush couches, gorgeous florals on the center of each table, and dim lighting. It’s a good spot for a pre drink as well!

The Beach Club Pool at Flamingo Hotel:

OKAY. This is more of a daytime thing, but MANNNN, this was probably my fave spot. I know what you’re thinking. ‘Do people even go to the Flamingo anymore?!’ Hold on before you judge. They’ve renovated. And the pool at Flamingo Hotel is SO CUTE. It’s also a wicked party, DJ and all, a couple bars, lots of delicious food & drinks, and overall, SUCH a great atmosphere. If you don’t like an area of the pool, pick up your shit and move to another end, because it’s HUGE. Make sure to get there early because spots go really quickly!



Okay, before I get into this, I want to point out that we actually didn’t have a whole lot of time to eat in Vegas. I wanted to do a few nice spots for dinner, but Vegas is SUCH a rush all the time, that we barely ate!

Flour & Barely Brick Oven Pizza in the LINQ Plaza:

If you guys like brick oven pizza, this is for you! We ordered the Verdure, which had zucchini, eggplant, artichoke, mushrooms & spinach with pecorino & mozzarella on it. SO GOOD. And we also ordered the Mushroom pizza, which had truffle cheese, roasted mushrooms, tomatoes, arugula, and truffle oil. If you’re going to get one pizza, THIS IS THE ONE. I was in actual Heaven. The pizzas are huge, so make sure you go when you’re really hungry!

Todd’s English Pub:

If you’re looking for a super chill spot with a patio, we loved this place. It’s right outside the Aria hotel. Of course, we sat outside in 47 degree weather. The sandwiches/burgers are so good here, and very gourmet. They give you WAY too many fries with your order. Like a bucket. No one needs to eat that many fries, ever. BUT YUM, regardless. So yea, chill spot, with great food and drinks.

Earl of Sandwich:

This was recommended to us, and mannnnn was it ever good! If you’re looking for somewhere quick and easy to-go, this spot is amazing. They have some really delicious sandwiches. I got the Chipotle Chicken Avocado. SO YUM. They also have good wraps and salads too. It’s located at the food court at Caesar’s Palace. I 100% recommend this place.


GREAT place for breakfast, or even a mid-day snack. Be prepared for long line ups as this place is very popular. It’s in the Cosmopolitan Hotel. I had a delicious breakfast sandwich with egg and arugula with their house dressing. UGH, so good.



Airport Attire:

I like to be as comfy as possible when traveling. I never ever wear jeans on a flight. I find it so uncomfortable and tight. I like lose clothing when traveling, so obviously I opted for this white crop top and these linen joggers. I honestly can’t say enough good things about these joggers. They are such a staple in my life right now. Not only do I wear them when traveling, but also all day errrday on the weekends. Because they’re comfy and chic. So, why the hell not?


Here’s where you can go slightly out of control at Forever21. They have every kind of bodysuit under the sun! Really though. If you want to slut it up with a low-cut, backless, mesh-type thing, they probably have it. If you want something slightly subtle with sleeves, you can bet they’ve got it. I went for something in between slutty and classy. I’m obsessed with this white one with off-the-shoulder sleeves, and this black one, with mesh sides. SO CUTE. Rocked both these in Vegas.

All-Black Birthday Suit:

When it comes to a birthday suit, I live for an all-black moment. This little one-shoulder bandeau and high-rise black shorts were perfect for the night out. Again, it was 47 degrees in Vegas even at night. So, you really couldn’t wear too much clothing.

Okay, so that’s my Vegas update for you guys! It was a short and sweet trip. Oh, and the concert was AH-MAZZZING. They still got it!!

HUGE-ASS shout out to my bestie, who I’ve pretty much spent every single birthday with in the last…10 years. If you guys follow along on Snap/Insta, then you know her. She’s also the photographer behind The Chic Confidential. ????? Thank you for all that you do!

Okay, how was everyone’s weekend? Tell tell!

Xx, kim



  1. While this place gets a little crowded and you might have to push through occasionally, it's hard not to mention that a definite plus in this venue New York is that you'll rarely have to wait on line in their large bathrooms.

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