Today I’m sharing my 6 favourite energizing workouts. If you do these first thing in the morning, TRUST ME, you will feel amazing. They give you a ton of energy for your day ahead.

I feel like people use the word ‘balance’ a lot lately. I’m definitely one of those people.

But, I don’t go around using it carelessly. I’m a TRUE believer in the word. I think it goes for everything and anything.

You guys know I’m NOT someone who is a gym-goer. I don’t own a gym membership, and if I did, I would basically be throwing money down the garbage. It’s not for me.

I have tried it and realized it’s just not my thing. (I will still make an effort to go once in a while if I’m reallllly feeling it.)

There’s nothing appealing about being in a room full of sweaty people and complicated machines.

No thanks, I’d rather do my energizing workouts at home. All I really need is a yoga mat, some candles, good music, and I’m good to go.

So, I want to share with you guys some REALLY EASY energizing workouts you can do at home. You may be a total gym-goer, and that’s cool, but these are simple exercises you can do first thing in the morning. It’s a great way to start your day and boost your energy. (Alongside some lemon water.)


1. Stretches:

I know this seems obvious, but so many people jump right into a heavy workout without stretching. You need to wake your muscles up before you start working them out. You spend 6-8 hours sleeping (and not really moving) that when you wake up, your muscles are stiff. Wake them up with some light stretching + breathing. I know when I start stretching in the morning, that gives me an instant boost of energy.

2. 30-Second Jumping Jacks:

Who doesn’t LOVEEE these?! It’s a great arms stretch and opens up your chest instantly. It also gets your heart rate going. Do however many you can, but try and at least do 30 seconds. Jumping jacks aren’t my favourite, but I can usually push through 30 seconds of it.

3. 30-Second Plank:

This is probably one of my favourite ones as it works your entire core and requires focus to stay in proper form. It’s one of the tougher exercises, but again, totally wakes you up! Also, it’s only 30 seconds, but if you can hold it for a minute, go for it!

  • Place your forearms and knees on the ground, should-width apart.
  • Lift your knees off the ground and push your feet back to bring your body to a full extension.
  • Keep your core tight and your hips lifted. Make sure your neck is in line with your spine.
  • Hold for 30-60 seconds.
  • Don’t forget to breath!

4. 30-Second Bicycle Crunches. 

Crunches suck, period. Nobody goes around saying how much they love doing ab workouts. It’s painful AF. Sometimes you just want to to be like fuck it, and go eat a bag of chips. Amiright?! But again, 30 seconds of it, isn’t going to kill you. It get’s your spine moving after your long night of sleep, and really works your obliques.

  • Sit on floor with your knees bent, feet lifted, and hands behind your head.
  • Keep your chest up and back straight as you lean back to engage your abs.
  • Twist to bring your right elbow to your left knee, straightening your right leg.
  • Repeat on opposite side.

5. 30-Second Squats:

Another one of my faves, solely because it works out the bootie. And everybody wants that J-Lo bootie. However, 30 seconds of squats isn’t quite enough. That’s okay, it’s a start! Great for working out your legs as well. Again, do as many as you want, but if I’m doing any of these exercises in the morning, 30 seconds is enough to wake me up and get me going.

These exercises aren’t to say that it’s all you need. These are to start your day off with the right foot forward and boost your energy levels.

6. 30-Second Bicep Curls.

I recently purchased a pair of 3-pound weights and I do a quick 30-60 seconds of bicep curls in the morning. Not one of my favourite exercises, because there’s something I really don’t like about shaky arms. However, something I lack more than ever is upper body strength, and I feel like these little 3-pounders are helping in a small way.

Okay guys, there you have it – 6 energizing workouts you can do right at home.

A complete morning workout guide that takes literally three minutes to complete. EVERYONE has three minutes to spare in the morning for their health.

To be very honest, it took me a while to get started on this morning routine. Because it all fairness, I’d rather just sleep the extra three minutes. But, when I actually started to see a difference in my energy levels, I realized how key these are. It makes a HUGE difference in my morning mood, too. I actually wake up wanting to do these exercises!

Give them a try!

I’d love to know what you guys do to help boost your energy in the morning? Share you energizing workouts in the comments.

Okay, I’m off to have some lemon/ginger water and curl up with a book!

Xx, kim

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