Lately, I’ve been all about being grateful. I mean, I always am thankful for the little blessings in my life, but lately (like this week) more than ever, I’ve been grateful.

What are you guys thankful for?

I headed to my cottage this weekend. The great thing about getting away to cottages is the peace and quiet that comes from it. It actually gives you a moment (or two) to reflect. There were many moments like that this weekend. I’m not the most outdoorsy person out there.

Point is, I don’t go away to cottages and camp sites very often. Don’t get me wrong, I do love to get out of the city, just not often or every weekend. It’s not my thing. You know?

However, being away from the city, not having the best kinda wifi, and overall quietness all around, makes you REALLY put life into perspective and appreciate every bit of it.

Life can be really hard sometimes. It throws you all kinds of curve balls, and expects you to just know what fuck to do. We don’t always know the answers. The right ones, anyway. And sometimes, making the wrong decision ends up teaching you something in the end. If you’re learning from your mistakes, it’s never a bad thing.

And being grateful doesn’t only mean being thankful for all the great things/ people you have in your life. What about being grateful for all the terrible things that may have happened? For all the hardships that you went through and got out of? The countless sleepless nights? The tears? People who have come and gone out of your life? Friendships/ relationships that have ended?

It’s not about being thankful for all the lovely things you have around you. It’s about being grateful for EVERYTHING that has made you who you are today. Be thankful for those hard times, because it’s those hard times that have made you stronger. It’s those hard times that have brought you the people in your life. And it’s those hard times that made you see things clearly. It’s the root of your happiness, right now.

If you know me, you know I believe very strongly in the saying, ‘everything happens for a reason.’ So, when you’re going through something tough in life, keep that in mind. It actually helps me get through anything and everything. Just remember that everything does happen for a reason. There is a purpose to it. And you may not know it now, but you will in time.

Life isn’t black and white. But, whatever the colour palette is, be thankful for it.

And really, it’s not just about being thankful this weekend, it’s about being grateful ALL the time.

Okay, I’m currently cuddled in bed, with a cup of lemon/ ginger water, about to start an episode of Downton Abbey.

Hope you guys had an amazing Thanksgiving weekend!

What are you thankful for? Share!

Xx, kim

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