at home date night ideas

Who knew we’d still be in lockdown this Valentine’s Day? NO ONE. So I’m helping you guys out with some at home date night ideas.

Andrew and I have never been big on Valentine’s Day to be honest. It was just one of those fake holidays neither of us cared too much about. I mean, I always love a bouquet of flowers, but I’ll take that any day. 😉

However, any day to celebrate love is a good day, so why not, right? I certainly don’t think Valentine’s Day should be different from any other day.

Throughout our time in quarantine (since March of 2020) Andrew and I have made it a point to have date nights. We didn’t let Covid get the best of us. We still enjoyed at home date nights and date days whenever we could. This meant, ordering in from our favourite restaurants, going for hikes, playing board games, having wine & cheese nights, (this happened a lot!) cooking together, etc.

One of things Andrew and I learned in our marriage preparation course was that you have to work on your relationship, always. It’s not always going to be easy and to make a relationship work, means you have to put in the time and effort. You can’t just expect it to be great. I know this can be tougher when you have kids, but it’s key to put your marriage first.

And in my opinion, the best way to do that is to have date nights often. So I’m sharing some fun at home date night ideas for you guys to try this Valentine’s Day.

at home date night ideas

At Home Date Night Ideas For Valentine’s Day.

Dinner & a Movie:

I know this seems a little basic, but it’s also very classic and can be super romantic. Nothing screams romance like some gooood food and a sexy movie. Look up some local restaurants in your neighbourhood, and order directly from them instead of going through Uber Eats or Skip The Dishes. This way your money is going directly to the restaurant. And we all know restaurants are hurting right now.

Andrew and I love ordering a ton of Indian food from one of the local restaurants near us. We get a bunch of dishes and just go to town! Light some candles, put on some romantic jazz, and put your phone away. Enjoy dinner with each other.

And dress up! Throw on something sexy, shave your legs, do your hair and make-up. Put on red lipstick too.

+ Check out my post on red lipsticks for every skin tone.

Once dinner is over, throw on a movie. If it’s hard for the two of you to choose a movie, throw a bunch of movies into a hat, and pick one for the night. Andrew and I love a good thriller. Not very romantic but who cares?

If you’re in the Mississauga area, here are some local restaurants that Andrew and I love to order from:

at home date night ideas

Wine & Cheese Night:

Okay, this is a fun one! Make an insane charcuterie board filled with, different kinds of cheeses, (we like Manchego, Piave, Oka, Fontina, Friuliano) garlic stuffed olives, dried fruits like apricots, really good crackers, French bread, and meats if you want. I don’t typically eat meats on a charcuterie board, but Andrew loves some sopressata, chorizo, salami, prosciutto.

If you don’t want to make a charcuterie board, you can do burrata and bread. OMG I die for this. Make sure you Google how to properly serve/make burrata. Drizzle some good balsamic vinegar on top and garnish with basil. MY GOD what a treat!

Pick up 2-3 bottles of wine that neither of you have tried before and have a little wine tasting night. Try each wine, and make it bougie by discussing the taste. Clear your palettes with something off the charcuterie board and keep going. You obviously don’t have to drink all 3 bottles of wine, but hey, no one’s judging.

Play a Board Game:

If you’ve been following me on Instagram for a while, you already know that this is one of Andrew’s and my FAVOURITE at home date night ideas! We absolutely love a good escape room game, and The Exit games are awesome. They are tricky, wild, fun, intense, and just a fucking thrill when you figure it all out. TRUST ME.

I’m linking a bunch of games that we’ve already played and loved!! It takes about an hour to an hour and a half to play. Two hours if you’re a couple glasses of wine in. 😉

Just note that once you play these, you can no longer play them again. They are a one time use, but everything is recyclable.

at home date night ideas

Cook Together:

This can be tricky if you have a smaller kitchen or one of you is a better cook that the other. Andrew and I are both great cooks, but we like to do things our own way. And when I’m in the kitchen, I prefer he not be. He loves to micro-manage whatever I’m doing. LOL.

I would stay away from complicated meals, because you don’t want this to turn into a whole night of cooking and cleaning. You want to enjoy the process of cooking together, and then enjoying the meal.

If you want a fun thing to make together for an at home date night idea, it’s DEEP DISH PIZZA!! Andrew and I made this a while back and loved it! We’re due for another night of this, actually! Check out the video here.

It’s a fun meal to make, you don’t need much effort, and it’s freakin delicious!!

Other meals to cook:

at home date night ideas

Sexy Spa Night:

If any man says they don’t like facials, face masks, and massages they are just outright lying. We know you men LOVE that shit. Andrew gets me to give him a facial almost every month. LOL. He just lies there while I use oils and a Gua Sha to rub his face. I drain his lymphatic system while using some really good skincare products on him. Men need a little pampering too sometimes.

So, make a night of it. Get some oils, get out your Jade roller or Gua Sha, and give each other sexy back rubs, facials, etc. Hang out in your robes for the night, drink tons of wine, and get sexy. Use the Kopari Coconut Oil lube for sex. Just trust me, k?

Guys, we love these at home date night ideas and I hope you’ll try a few of these out this Valentine’s Day or whenever! You don’t need to have a date night just because it’s Valentine’s Day. Make it spontaneous. Text your S/O in the middle of the day saying “babe, we’re having a date night tonight.” Nothing is sexier than a spontaneous date night.

If you’re looking for more SPICY Valentine’s Day ideas, check out these posts:

Happy Valentine’s Day beauties!

Xx, kim

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+++ Oh and, watch this video where Andrew does my make-up!

at home date night ideas


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