As you guys can probably tell, the month of December is going to be filled with Holiday content. I’m a LOVER of the Christmas season. Like, everything about it. The lights, the Christmas trees, the festive music, the cozy nights in, etc. It just seems like most people are happier around this time? Or maybe it’s just me…

Who knows? But regardless, I love this season and really go all out.

As mentioned in the previous post, I’ll be celebrating Christmas in India this year with my family. I’m SO EXCITED, because hellllooo warm weather!! Bring on the beachy-maxi dresses!

I’m most excited to see my family and spend some real quality time with them, because it doesn’t happen often. India is like a 2 day plane ride if you include the time change. It’s definitely not a hop, skip and a jump away.

SO, that’s where I’ll be if ya need me! Be sure to follow along on Snapchat (kim-marquis) /IG (@thechicconfidential).

Okay so, as much FUN as the Christmas season is, it’s not always this much fun for the less fortunate/homeless. There are so many people right here in our city that struggle through the holidays. And most of them are struggling alone (In the cold). I feel extremely blessed everyday that I have a family to spend Christmas with, a roof over my head, and warm clothes on my back.

There are SMALL things that we can do to help someone else feel slightly better around this time and possibly put a smile on their face. I’m sharing a few easy things that you can do TODAY.

I’d LOVE if you guys can add to this list as well. Share what you do to make a difference!

1. Keep old scarves & mittens in your car:

This is something I started doing last year, and will continue to do again this year. I collect all my scarves & mitts that I no longer use and put them in a bag in my car. When I see a homeless person without a scarf or mittens, I will offer them one from the bag. It’s extremely cold in this country, and NO ONE should be outside without these basic necessities. It’s goes such a long way, and definitely puts a smile on their face.

2. Collect canned food and donate:

When you see canned food on sale while grocery shopping, grab a bunch and donate them to the nearest shelter. Again, many of us have lavish dinner parties on Christmas with a spread of dishes. But, stop and think about those who spend Christmas on the street or in a shelter with barely anything to eat. Sucks, right? DONATE.

3. Pay for someone’s coffee in the drive-thru.

We don’t only have to do nice things for the homeless. Sometimes doing nice things for a stranger is just as good. Once a week pay for a random person’s coffee and make their day. They might have been having a terrible day, and YOU would’ve just turned that around. You just never know what that person may be going through. And no matter what, I can guarantee that you put a smile on that person’s face.

4. Handwrite Christmas cards:

Many of us do e-cards these days, right? Because UMM, it’s 2017 and it’s faster, and easier. Well, take some time this year, and handwrite a few cards to the special people in your life. Personally, I LOVE handwritten cards. They are so cute, and believe it or not, I keep them ALL. I have a drawer that’s full of them. It’s slightly hoarder-ish, and I could definitely get rid of a few…

5. Purge your closet and donate your clothing:

I do this about twice a year. I will admit, it’s VERY hard for me to purge. I struggle with it, actually. Like, my best friend, Victoria has to sometimes snatch things out of my hands and remind me that I haven’t worn that in 4 years. It’s a fight sometimes. Butttt, once it’s done, there’s more room in your closet (to buy more things 😉 Also, donating it to a Goodwill or shelter feels really good. Try it, if you haven’t.

6. Donate Blood.

I actually lack blood, so technically I’m not allowed to donate any of mine. LOL. But, I’m suggesting it for those who can donate. It’s a simple, easy way to give back, which makes ALL the difference in the world. You could be saving a life. I really wish I could donate mine, but unfortunately I need more.

Okay, your turn! Tell me what you guys are doing this holiday season (or whenever) to make a difference? How are you giving back?

I hope you guys had a great weekend!

Xx, kim

Photography by Victoria Jmourko


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