Okay, let’s dive right into skincare. Because it really is one of my favourite topics and this post is on how to get better looking skin. We all want, glowing, smooth, acne-free, dewy, supple skin right?! RIGHT.

ALSO because, after you’ve been in India/Sri Lanka for 3 weeks where the air has so much pollution and the airplane for over 23 hours where the air is gross and recycled, your skin really takes a toll on you.

I’m talking zits, clogged pores, dry skin, the works.

And let’s be real, when you’re on vacation, you don’t really have the time to do a FULL face routine at night, nor do I have the room to bring all my essentials. I’d have to bring an entire suitcase if I brought all my gadgets, creams, toners, etc.!

Now that I’m back, I’m back to my regular skincare routine. It’s very important that you take care of your skin at all times. (Especially when you’re 30!) Even when I was travelling, I would do as much as I can with what I brought with me. Never slept a night with make up on! But with the pollution, there was really NO avoiding the zits. One freaking zit was SO huge, it could’ve used an identity. You know, like I could’ve named it, and gave it a personality. An ugly personality, of course. Point is, I rarely get zits. But when in India…

Anyway, coming back home meant diving right back into my routines. Something I love very much, BTW. Morning routines, mid-day routines, skincare routines, ALL kinds of routines really. Call me boring AF, but if you’ve got your routines in place, you’ll accomplish MUCH more. Just trust me on this one.

Today I want to share how to get better looking skin with a few products I always use. Not necessarily in any order, but basically some things/gadgets that are RIDE OR DIE for my skin. Let’s go!

How to get better looking skin:

1. Ice Rolling.

MANNNN, was I ever excited to open my freezer and pull out my ice roller! If you have no idea what I’m talking about, stalk the full post here. But in a nutshell, ice rolling is everything. If you don’t have an ice roller by now, I’m not sure WHAT you’re doing. Get on this asap. Like, the benefits are endless: It tightens, brightens, and firms your skin, it’s great for anti-aging, getting rid of zits, inflammation, reduces the look of puffiness under your eyes, and helps with hangovers in the morning. LOL.

Like, it doesn’t get any better than this. I like to use it in the mornings, but sometimes when I don’t have the time (which is often) I’ll use it in the evenings. SO GOOD.

how to get better looking skin

2. Facial Masks.

LOVE a good mask! I feel like when your boyfriend suggests doing facial masks on Friday night, you’re doing something right in life. Also, he’s not going to love that I just exposed him on here. Ooops.

Anyway, masks bring life to your skin. It hydrates when you need it the most. I especially love a good charcoal mask. But you can give me all kinds of masks, and I’ll be happy. Sheet masks are another favourite. It’s scary looking as hell, but who cares? One of these days I’m going to sheet-mask it to the grocery store. LOL. Maybe I’ll throw on a pair of huge-ass sunnies.

Check out this post for all my go-to masks.

3. Oils, oils, oils.

To get better looking skin, you need oils. Like, give me all the extra virgin, cold pressed oils PLEASE. Thank you. Rosehip oil is what I use at night on my face. It’s great for anti-aging, so naturally, I’m all over it. I like to switch things up once in a while depending on my skin, and how dry it can get. Coconut oil is also great. I love castor oil under my eyes. It helps with dark circles. I don’t use it every night because it is pretty thick, so use it sparingly. I also love mixing oils in my foundation. It gives you that dewy, glowy look.

4. Serums.

Serums are best used before your moisturizer. I know it seems like you’re putting A LOT on your face, but all these products are helping in different ways, and targeting different parts of your skin. The Ordinary company has a BUNCH of amazing serums, and none of them are expensive. They have retinoids, vitamin C serums, antioxidants, and more. They have a HUGE selection actually, so make sure you read what is best for your skin.

how to get better looking skin

5. Toner.

When I was in India, my skin got so bad that I actually had to buy a toner. I needed to open up my pores and let them breathe. When you put sunscreen and make up on throughout the day, you need to give your skin a little extra something after cleansing. JUST cleansing isn’t enough. Well, not for my skin anyway. I don’t tone every night, but I felt like my skin needed that in India. I usually tone about once a week here. It can be very drying, so be careful when using it. Get a toner that has a lower salicylic acid in it. Don’t go more than 2.5%. And make sure to moisturize after you tone! You need to hydrate your skin.

K, so those are products on how to get better looking skin. What am I missing? How do you take care of your skin when travelling? Does anyone take ALL their skincare stuff? Kudos to you if you do! I bring the bare minimum.

Okay, share what you guys do! I must know.

I’m off to watch some Grey’s, drink some peppermint tea, and…… roll. DUH.

Xx, kim

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how to get better looking skin
Photography by Victoria Jmourko.

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