Happy Monday!Father’s Day is right around the corner. (June 18th)

And I wanted to do more that just a boring gift guide on the blog. I want to get slightly personal.

…about my relationship with my dad, before getting into gifts. Because Father’s Day is much more than a nice-smelling cologne or shaving kits. Right?!

I have to say I’m pretty lucky when it comes to having a pair of pretty great parents. They aren’t alwaysmy favourite people, but hey, who ever is?

My dad is someone I’ve always looked up to.  Someone I’ve admired. He’s the perfect husband, has a contagious smile, is hilarious, and a pretty great father. #dadgoals (He’s probably gloating as he reads this!) I wasn’t the easiest child growing up. I mean, strict Indian parents and all, all you really want to do is be a badass rebel. I kind of did my own thing. Made my rules (but also followed theirs.) Taught myself things. Listened to my own advice. You know, the typical teenage-ery mentality, where we think we know it all. I wanted to be independent. I wanted to make my own mistakes and learn from them.

It wasn’t easy for my parents to get adjusted to the lifestyle here, in Canada. They were both born and raised in very small towns in India. Leaving their families behind and immigrating to Canada was something they did for my sister and I. For our futures. Adjusting to the culture here, the new ways of life, the food, the fashion, the politics, the people, was all new for my parents. They didn’t LOVE that my sister and I were going to clubs in short dresses at nights. They didn’t understand why we needed the latest clothing brand, or why we needed cell phones at such a young age. And they didn’t quite love that the career paths my sister and I chose were completely out of the norm for an “Indian family.” Not to be stereotypical here, but in India, you’re either a doctor, a lawyer, an engineer, or a teacher. My sister decided to get into the music industry, and me, fashion. To Indian parents, that’s…shameful? Embarrassing? Definitely out of the norm.

But not to my parents. They were supportive as fuck. (Mom, Dad – if you’re reading, apologies for swearing.) They didn’t understand it, but they didn’t really have to. All they got was that we were passionate about these choices. After all, they did immigrate to a country full of opportunities…

I have been blogging for years now, and sometimes I still have to explain what I do to my dad. LOL. I mean, he gets the gist of it, but it’s kind of hilarious hearing his version of what a fashion & lifestyle blogger does. It’s also hilarious when he wants to open up my blogger mail. Dad, it’s only mascara! (Blogger mail is the most exciting to him.)

Regardless of whether my dad fully gets what The Chic Confidential is about or not, he makes the effort to ask, to check out the blog (even though there’s NOTHING on here for him, except maybe this post) and to make sure it’s still doing well. He’s one of the smartest people I know, extremely well rounded, and definitely the funniest.  (He kills it in the ‘dad jokes’ department.)

So, in honour of Father’s Day, I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge and more so, be thankful for having the greatest dad a girl could ask for.

Okay, let’s get right into this gift guide!

Kiehl’s Beard Grooming Oil

Yup, there’s oils to keep those beards in check. No one wants a rough beard.

And I feel like guys never get this stuff for themselves. We need to actually get this for them, and then convince them it’s manly…

Funky Skinny Ties

Because yes, even dads can rock skinny ties. Let’s put away those ugly brown fat ties, and get on board with something a little more trendy. Like this skinny bird tie. SO CUTE.

Armani Exchange Black on Black Watch

How chic is this stainless steel watch?! I’d buy this for myself! I love a good men’s watch. This one is super sleek and very appropriate for the Father’s Day.

Under Armour Gym Bag

You can never go wrong with a gym bag. It’s something everyone needs and never buys. It’s time to throw out the old ones, and get in with the new. I love this one from Under Armour. It might even be cute to throw in some workout clothes in there if you know his size)

SWIMS Water Resistant Loafers

If you’ve got an outdoorsy dad that lives by the beach or spends most of this time on a boat, these are the perfect gift! These super cute, water resistant loafers are great for lounging by the pool or being active by the lake.

Cute stuff right?! Okay I’m off! I hope you guys have the most productive week, ever!

Xx, kim



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