Okay, I have been meaning to a write a post on this since Andrew and I moved in together!

It’s an important one, and one that can save you TONS of time.

As most of you know, about 4(ish) months ago Andrew and I FINALLLLY decided on a condo together, after looking at a whopping 35 different places.

Yes…I said 35. You’re probably thinking HOW PSYCHOTIC?? Right? Because, you’re not wrong.

Okay, yes, we were very specific on everything. Here are a few things we were looking for:

  • TONS of light. Windows everywhere. I cannot live without natural light, so this was a big one for me.
  • The functionality of the kitchen, and living room areas. We were looking for an open concept space, because both of us love entertaining.
  • Enough space in the condo for us to do our own things. We love each other, but like, we need our own space, you know? None of this spending 24/7 together crap. We’re grown adults that need our own time to do our own things.
  • The colour of the floors were a big thing for me. I need to keep it modern, so I was looking for light grey flooring. So fucking specific, I know. LOL.
  • A room big enough to hold my floor-to-ceiling shoe rack. YEA, that. What can I say? I’m a girl who loves her shoes. Andrew knows what he got himself into…(I hope)

Anyway, you get the point. We were specific.


…And totally out of our realm when we thought we could do this all on our own! We spent A LOT of time looking at places that we hated didn’t suit us at all. And yes, we worked with real estate agents. Several of them…most of whom DID NOT get our vibe at all, which was disappointing.

And as we know, time is money, so we can’t be wasting that. So, when I came across nobul, I was PISSED I didn’t know about this earlier. It could’ve saved us SO much time. And who knows, we may have even cut down the number 35 to about half…or even less?

Let me get specific about nobul:

What is nobul?

Nobul connects home buyers and sellers with the right agent for them. It is a completely open digital marketplace where consumers can compare and contrast agents based on whatever combination of services, reputation or pricing matters most to them.

So, basically, I can fill out my list of “requirements” on nobul, and they will help me find the PERFECT agent who really gets what I’m looking for. Someone who actually cares about my long list of wants and needs. Not just an agent who’s trying to make a buck.

Here are a few things you need to know about nobul:

  • Nobul enables you to compare and contrast agents. Real estate is likely the most important financial decision you’ll make, so why wouldn’t you want to interview as many potential agents before finding the right one?
  • Nobul is there and always happy to answer your tough questions. Trying to understand mortgages, percentages and commission rates is NOT easy. Trust me on this – specially as a first-time home-buyer. I remember having to sign over 40 pages when I bought my first home, and not knowing anything…
  • Nobul recognizes that everyone is different… and that’s okay. Different things are important to different people – there is no one-size-fits-all strategy when it comes to real estate services. Which is why they will help you choose the right agent.
  • Nobul verifies agents so you don’t have to. This is a big one, because you definitely don’t want to be working with some sketchy agent or your dad’s friend’s cousin’s sister to help you find your home. You know? Nobul just makes that process easier.

It’s absolutely free to join and you can take your time to find the right agent.

Working with the right agent makes a WORLD of a difference. It was only about the 30th condo we looked at, did we actually find someone who got our vibe. She was patient, and took the time to understand exactly what we were looking for.

THANK GOD, because Andrew was about to leave me.

We ended up finding the absolute perfect home. But it definitely could have been a lot quicker if we’d known about nobul.

Okay – so I can’t be the only one that’s this picky when looking for a home? What about you guys? Tell me some specifics you needed when buying your home.

Also – Do you guys want to see a home tour video?!

Xx, kim

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Photography by Victoria Jmourko.
This post was sponsored by nobul. As always, all opinions are my own.


  1. We are in the process of selling my childhood home and I have to say I’m over it. As much as I will be sad when we actually sell it, I’m so ready to be done with this whole process.

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