So, let’s talk about negative noise, shall we? It can range anywhere from people (family, friends, etc.) thoughts, the internet, social media, the news, like I can go on and on about negative energy/people.

It’s toxic. And toxic shit can fester and really get in the way of your life. It’s so easy to get caught up with negative noise. It’s everywhere if you think about it. The internet is full of people who are ranting about politics, influencers, social issues, Meghan Markle, and the fucking weather. LOL.

Like I said, it’s everywhere, and if you’re not careful, you will be a part of that, and it will slowly ruin your life. You have to be aware of what you’re taking into your life. Whether it’s people, the news, accounts you follow on social, blogs you read, etc.

You have to set a precedent in your life and keep that level of standard, high. Once you let in negative, toxic noise it’s hard to escape it. However, there’s no running away from it either. You have to learn to block it out.

Negative Nancy’s are everywhere, and we must be really aware of them. They LOVE to bring you down. They rarely want to see someone succeed. Spot them out, block them out, and carry on. Oh, and always, always be kind. There’s no need to give any energy to those Nancy’s.

“Sometimes, we unknowingly give toxic individuals influence over our thoughts, behaviours, and feelings.” –



I know this may seem obvious, but there are so many people who want more positive energy in their lives, yet still surround themselves with the most toxic people. It’s time to make that change, and start to seek out positive people. People who lift you up, cheer you on, go out of their way to help you, and who believe in you and your work.

Make space for those people in your life and you will notice an instant change in your behaviour, your thoughts, your feelings, and your everyday habits. You will wake up feeling fresh instead of low.

You are on your way to a more positive lifestyle, and therefore you cannot let negative noise in. There’s no room for that. BYEE GIRL.



I cannot stress how grateful I am for the “mute” button on Instagram. GUYS, Instagram, as much as I love it, can be the most toxic place and full of negative noise. It’s SO easy to scroll and scroll and get caught up in so much negativity. Instagram can be a very hateful space. I have watched some close influencer friends of mine get bullied and ripped apart on social media that it has affected their mental health.

Social media bullying is a real thing. These people aren’t afraid because they are behind a screen and feel like they can say whatever they want. In fact, regardless whether it’s behind a screen or in-person bullying, the results are quite the same. It’s hurtful. PERIOD.

Mute, block, restrict, unfollow.

Let only positive people/accounts in. Trust me. Start following women who are shouting to support other women, who are spreading positive messages everyday.


Negative noise has a way of taking over our thoughts. When you watch the news and see all the hate spewing all over the world, it’s hard not to think about that all day. When someone is unkind to you, it can really affect your mood/thoughts throughout the day. It’s hard to block that out. Try and refocus your thoughts. Don’t let the negative noise win.

Like I said, it will fester and that’s no good for anyone. If you find yourself caught up in those negative thoughts, distract yourself by doing something you love. Here are a few ways to refocus your thoughts:

  • Read a positive message or blog.
  • Have a chat with someone inspiring.
  • Turn on your favourite album and zone out your thoughts.
  • Scroll through some positive/uplifting quotes.
  • Read out some affirmations out loud.
negative noise


In fact, do not respond at all. When you respond to someone negative, you are giving them a part of your energy, and really, they are not worth a second of your time or energy. I see this happen on social media so often. Someone rants about something, and you respond in a negative way, and they respond back, and you continue, and now you’ve just spent your whole day being angry and resentful.

Leave it alone. It doesn’t do you any good to respond. I’ve come to realize as I get older, that people who are negative are usually dealing with issues of their own.

Never move forward in an unkind way. There’s too much hate and unkindness in the world already. The last thing you want to do is add to it. Beware of every move you make and remember to block out the negative noise.


Remember who you are and what you want for yourself and your life. If it’s more positive energy, manifest that. Be unapologetically you and carry on doing great things. You were put on this earth to do amazing things, so do just that. If it’s being a mom, being the BEST mom that you can. If you’re a content creator, do the best you can and don’t worry what other people think. Whatever it is you want to do, do it.

There’s no one else like you on this planet, so make it count and be who you are.

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I honestly felt compelled to write this post (I wrote in an hour) because of the crap I’m seeing out there lately. It’s hard to navigate the negative noise, but as individuals, we need to stay on our toes and block that shit out. Nothing good comes from negative energy.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this in the comments. Share below, but nothing negative 😉

Xx, kim

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  1. Beautiful post! And a much needed message. I’m also so grateful for the mute button on IG haha! Thank you for sharing this!

  2. Amazing article and great reminders, been feeling a life shift this past year blocking out negative noise 😀 xo

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