Heyyy guys!

Has it EVER been a busy few weeks. Exciting new stuff coming up, though.

I’ve been working on a TON of great content for you guys, anddddd…


The Chic Confidential is getting a face-lift!

I’m really excited to be working closely with someone to upgrade the website. I’ve had this look for sometime now, and although I love it, I feel it needs some slight changes. Nothing drastic. Still CHIC AF. I don’t have a date yet, but it’s hopefully coming soon. I won’t release anything until I’m 100% happy with it.

But I am VERY excited to be changing things up. So, stay tuned for that!

I’ve been trying very hard to wind down at least an hour before bed, everyday. It’s extremely difficult when you work a full-time job, and then have to come home to blog/shoot/edit, cook, clean, have somewhat of a social life, and make time to go through all your 98478636 social media accounts. Where my part-time bloggers at???? HOLA.

However, winding down is something that is important in life and important for your well-being.

I realized if I don’t give myself time to wind down, I’m usually not productive. A huge part of my blogging life is actually thinking. Thinking about my next project, thinking about my blog content, etc. So, when I shut off my screens (computer, phone) then I feel like I can properly think. Reflecting is HUGE for me. It’s a big part of my life.

When I get home from work, I make it a point to sit down on my comfy couch with a glass of water (lemon infused) and just clear my mind of the day. It’s kind of like meditation, but not really. I give myself about 30 minutes to just sit and think about how the day went. What did I accomplish? How did I accomplish it? How can I do better? Were there any negative vibes? Positive vibes?

Sitting and thinking actually helps me come up with my blog content. My mind is always working and I usually have to work hard to shut it off. Which is why, an hour before bed, I make it a point to clear my head, watch a show, read a book, etc.

You need to be able to wind down, and clear your mind to keep it healthy.


Something that helps me wind down is actually my Saje diffuser. I’ve mentioned this before in previous posts, but I cannot tell you how much it makes a difference. When you surround yourself in a relaxing atmosphere, you naturally become more relaxed.

If you have your computer on and your emails refreshing every second, you’re never going to shut off. If you have your phone beside you blinking with notifications, you’re going to want to check it. That’s how I am, anyways. I need my atmosphere to feel relaxing.

I like to add a few drops of ‘Spa Spirit’ or ‘Tranquility’ essential oil to my marble diffuser, dim the lights, light a couple candles, pour myself a warm cup of peppermint tea (or wine, not going to lie!) and sink into my couch with my coziest blanket. At this point, I probably have on a facial mask or my gold collagen eye patches.

This is the ONLY way I can wind down.

If you guys aren’t doing this before you sleep, try it out! It’s the bestttt way to fall asleep. This way, there’s nothing stressing me out before bed. I’ve cleared my mind for a goodnight’s sleep.

Thoughts? Who else does this?

Also, to be completely honest and REAL, this doesn’t happen daily. I totally wish it would, and I’m working super hard to make this happen every night. But some nights, life gets in the way. I have family to see, dinners with my friends, blogs to publish, etc.

BUT, I’m working on it, and I think that’s what counts. Right?

Something else that really helps me de-stress and gets me in a fantastic mood is, cooking.

Let me tell you…I used to be a horrible cook. Like, HORRIBLE.

Over the last few years, I’ve become somewhat of a decent cook, and it’s something I’m pretty proud of. I love to unwind with a new recipe, some Ed Sheeran playing in the background, and just cooking up a storm. Nothing better than a home-cooked meal, right?

Post cooking, with 49276 dirty dishes in the sink is NOT my favourite part….

Also, if you guys have some recipes you want to send my way, please do! I’m always looking for something new to cook.

Okay, time to take some of my own advice and unwind. Tonight is going to be an episode (or two) of Grey’s. Does anyone else sob through this show?! Or is it just me?

Chat soon.

Xx, kim



  1. Aw I love this! I too struggle with shutting it off, part time blogger holla right here! Totally feel you.

    I like to have my phone remind me (mine has a setting that will dim the backlight at a certain time). If I'm on my phone after that time, it's a visual reminder that I SHOULDN'T be on it. I have to put it in a different room, get it out of my sight. It is so hard to try to do this every night, I'm trying too! For me it's a good book, diving into some fiction helps me escape.

    Looking forward to the new website (I'm thinking of doing some upgrading too!). xo

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