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Firstly, MAJOR apologies for not posting as much this past week. I have been literally buried in home stuff! As you guys know, I officially became a homeowner on June 15th!!!! So, that was major. And since then, I have had to move my life slowly into the condo, which has been busy AF. Getting through it, but crazy hectic. Anyway, today we’re getting into some REAL LIFE ADVICE.

I celebrated my birthday yesterday, and felt it was necessary to share some life advice with you.

Usually in the weeks leading up to my birthday, I’m always reflecting on the past year. What was good, what was not-so-good, and what was GREAT.

Overall, WHAT A YEAR! I mean, when people say ‘time flies’ they mean, TIME FUCKING FLIES. You know? Anyone else feel like that?

Anyways, as I reflected on ‘life’ these past few weeks, I literally started jotting down my thoughts (on paper). Surprise, surprise…

So, here they are.


[ You Win Some, You Lose Some. ]

I know this seems almost like a negative quote, but, it’s not meant to be. As I get older, I realize more and more to let go of the things you CAN’T control. Focus on the shit you CAN control, and make that work. You don’t have to win everything. And I’m about to drop the most basic quote of LIFE on you guys, but it’s one that I live by the most. ‘Everything happens for a reason’. Basic right? But, this literally cannot be more true. Don’t waste your time and energy on shit that isn’t working. Time is money, so let’s not waste it…

[ Experiences Are A Thousand Times Better Than Gifts. ]

That’s right. No gifts please. Unless you’re gifting me my mortgage in a box with a pretty bow on it, I’ll pass. It’s not about material things anymore. I used to LOVE getting shoes, bags, bracelets, etc., but let’s face it. I have almost ALWAYS wanted to return half these things because they ‘weren’t my style’. Nowadays, dinner, drinks, or even an activity with my closest friends are more than perfect. Maybe also a bottle of rosé champs. But really, if I’ve learned anything over the last few years, it’s that life is TOO short! So, less gifts, more experiences.

On that note, all I wanted for my birthday this year, was really, really good fish tacos. We ended up at Playa Cabana, an amazing spot in Toronto, and the fish tacos were HEAVEN. The atmosphere was also perfect, and the whole place was very chic. (Everything on Snapchat. UN: kim-marquis) So much love and laughter and more memories created with the people I love.

And this actually transitions well to my next point…

[ Keep The Circle Small. ]

This is important life advice. Again, the older I get, the less I want to see people I don’t really care for. Sounds mean? I don’t care. lol. You know when you’re young and just want to befriend everyone? Yea, it’s just the opposite when you get older. You kinda just want to unfriend most of them. And as you should.

My circle of friends, is small. VERY small. Like, so small that sometimes if they happen to be busy with something on a Friday night, my Friday night will consist of Netflix and wine at home, alone. And I’m okay with that. Because I’d rather spend my time alone, than with people who I don’t even really want to see… you know? Am I sounding like a total bitch here? LOL

At this stage in life, you want the ‘realest’ friends. Friends who tell it like it is. NO sugar coating anything. No BSing.

Don’t get me wrong, I do have loads of amazing, talented, crazy, wild, silly friends that I do make time for.

And on that note, this brings me to my final point.

[ People Come And People Go. ]

YES! Do NOT cry/worry/stress over anyone that decides to walk out of your life. Life is ALL about those who come and go. And again, everything happens for a reason, so, just let it go. Friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, pets, (lol) etc. It’s natural to feel bad or sad when things like this happen, however, that’s life. So, let it happen.

You all know what I’m talking about though, and I’m sure everyone has experienced this at least once in their life. And if not, well then, you will. 😉

[ Balance Is Key. ]

I lied, I have one more life advice point that just came to me.

Diets suck, so just stop that. Live a healthy, balanced lifestyle, and you’ll never have to diet ever again. Seriously. You want a piece of cake? Eat it. Walk it off later that evening. You want pasta for lunch? DO IT. Salad for dinner and take the stairs.

You don’t have to live at the gym or starve yourself to be healthy! Please God, don’t starve yourself!! Food is life. Enjoyyyy it.


I may be sounding a bit harsh in this post, but again, I’m not about sugar coating anything, and I avoid bullshit at all costs. This is also what I love about blogging, btw.

Anywaysss, I love, LOVE hearing from you guys. And since this is a spicy post, please share your thoughts. Do you agree/disagree on any of these point? Do you have more to add to the list? Do you feel like calling me total bitch? Haha. Share, share, share.

Okay, I’m off to stuff my face with more birthday cake. Mmmm.

Ps. Thank you for all the beautiful birthday wishes on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat! You guys are really the best!!

Xx, kim

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