Okay, let’s be real.
I LOVE to cook, but I don’t always have time to make the most nutritious meals in the world. 
Sometimes, it’s a gourmet meal – Sweet Peppers stuffed with Turkey, and other days it’s sliced cheese, a piece of bread with a side of Lindt chocolate. LOL. I mean, I girl’s gutta eat, right? 
Healthy eating is something I work really, really hard to do everyday. 
Why? Because I FAIL at going to the gym. So, to keep things balanced, I’ll eat as healthy as possible, so that I I don’t feel as bad for not going to the gym. Anyone else? 
When you’re in your 20s, it’s no big deal to grab McDonalds for breakfast, lunch, or dinner….(or all three). But in your 30s, it’s like a whole different ball game. I only really allow this when I’m completely hungover. Which also rarely happens in your 30s…
Point is, in your 30’s – you need to really get on the healthy-eating bandwagon. For MANY reasons. Your metabolism slows down, and you need to nourish your body with healthy shit. You know? Get in your greens, drink ALL the water, eat raw garlic, and make smoothies. Oh, and also take all your vitamins. 
So, those of you in your 20s, enjoy every bite of that Big Mac.
Okay, so in between my full time job, the blog, emails, social-freakin-media, maintaining a clean home, laundry, and having a social life, I’m supposed to make healthy meals?!?! 
I don’t even have kids yet! How do parents do itttt?

Some weeks I just say f*ck it to everything, and I’ll go nuts in my kitchen. I will make the yummiest, healthiest meal and be really happy. But, my home will be a mess, I will have a shit ton of emails waiting for me, and I’ll slowly be drowning in piles of laundry…
It’s impossible to do it all and have a healthy, gourmet meal at your dinner table, every night. 
…Who is here to save us all.
Let me tell you guys – Gourmet meals. Delivered. To. Your. Doorstep!
I know what you’re thinking…”Uhhh, Uber Eats does this….”
But, no no no. No, they don’t. Because Marble Meals is healthy, and Uber Eats….well, is questionable.
Marble meals is a meal service company that cooks and delivers food right to you. Every meal is home cooked with the freshest ingredients with nothing processed. It comes in a little tupperwear, and all you have to do is warm it up! You literally have a home cooked meal in seconds on your dinner table. SIGN ME UP.
Their philosophy is that healthy eating should be affordable, gourmet, and convenient and that food should be locally sourced and organic. This means the proteins they use are antibiotic and hormone free and the veggies are all seasonal. 
Guys, I used them for a week, and I felt like I actually had time on my hands to do things. You know, like watch a Netflix show? (I’m STILL watching Grey’s, btw.)
You don’t need to do this every week, although, it does get addicting because the food is SO GOOD.
They delivery on Monday’s and Thursday’s and you get to choose the meals you want. All the meals are on their website with nutritional facts. 
I ordered the Lean Turkey Sausage With Fusilli Pasta in Marinara Sauce & Garlic Rapini for the first two days. Everything about that sounded like heaven in my mouth. The garlic rapini was ON POINT, you guys!!
I also tried the Maple Glazed Salmon With Lemon Pepper Rice & Roasted Brussels Sprouts. I’m HUGE on fish. I love a good baked salmon, and this was just perfect. I like to add fish to my diet at least once or twice a week. 
I also ordered the Baked Chicken Thigh with Fried Rice & Sweet Potatoes, which I never got to try, because Andrew stole it. He did rave about how good it was though.

They’ve got a ton of choices on their website, so browse and see what you like. I highly recommend this for the busy lifestyle. The last thing you want is to compromise your diet for a busy work life. I’m definitely not one to do that. I mean, yes, sometimes you eat whatever is in your fridge and make do, but for the most part, I’m very picky with what goes into my body. 
Like I said and keep saying – you gotta think twice in your 30s!
Okay, who’s on board for something like this? Also, does anyone else get so caught up with work/life that they never have time to cook?
Share some good recipes. I’m always looking for good, healthy ones!
On that note, I’m going to dig up the veggies in my fridge right now and make a quick stir-fry. 
Chat soon! 
Xx, kim

This post was in collaboration with Marble Meals. As always, all opinions are my own.


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