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This is an important post for everyone. I’m sharing 9 healthy lifestyle habits to incorporate in your life right now, for a more relaxed, stress-free lifestyle.

I figured this would be the perfect post for today. Every summer I make a list of things I’d like to do more of. I don’t always accomplish everything on that list, however, I try to, and usually get pretty close to checking off a lot of those things.


1. Read in the park.

Reading in general is great. It’s great to fit in some reading if you are a commuter and get a chance to read on the bus/train on your way to work. I unfortunately, am a driver, and never get a chance to read on my way to work. But what better place to read than a park? Take some alone time, find a nearby, quiet park and get in some reading.

2. Drink more tea. 

I know we all love our coffee in the morning, but make the switch to tea. It’s healthier. Sometimes just a cup of hot water, lots of lemon, and a little bit of honey makes a great tea! This is a great healthy lifestyle habits, because lemon water has TONS of amazing health benefits.

3. Exercise more

We all want to be fit, but do nothing about it. Go for more runs, do more yoga, and get moving! I am not really someone who enjoys going to the gym, but I do love hot yoga. And, on those hot summer days, you can do yoga in the park, on your own!

healthy lifestyle habits

4. Cook more.

Cooking has never been my strong suit, however over the past year I have really forced myself to get into the kitchen, and learn how to cook. I have to say, I actually enjoying cooking these days. Once you start getting familiar with ingredients and which ones go well together, you start to actually love cooking! I have an entire book of amazing dishes that I know how to cook well. This summer I hope to add many more dishes to that book!

5. Dress up. 

Well, you don’t have to tell me twice! I’m always finding an excuse to dress up. But, if you aren’t someone who normally does, do it! There’s no better feeling that putting on a fabulous dress, heels, and hitting up a great lunch spot with your girlfriends, boyfriend, husband etc.

6. Make refreshing drinks.

There are SO many amazing recipes for these refreshing drinks out there! I made one with cucumbers, blueberries, and mint leaves…wow! It was amazing. For those that get bored of drinking plain water, this is the perfect way to get your intake of water! Here are some recipes you can try.

7. Go for more walks. 

There’s nothing like having some quality ‘me’ time in a quiet park. I absolutely love taking in the beauty of our Toronto parks. We have so many beautiful parks here in Toronto. Incorporating this healthy lifestyle habit is great because getting in 10k steps a day is great for the heart and has SO many good benefits.

8. Buy from local Farmers’ Market. 

Fresh fruits and veggies? Count me in! There are so many amazing Farmers’ Market’s that open up for the summer. If you haven’t been, go! They sell such great products. You can find everything from fruits, jams, syrups, juices, etc. This is another amazing healthy lifestyle habit, because buying local is helping our economy as well!

9. Spend more time with loved ones. 

This may seem very obvious, but many of us don’t make enough time for the ones we love. We can get so caught up with work that we forget to spend quality time with loved ones without having to check our phone for emails, etc. Do more of that this summer!

What are you doing to incorporate healthy lifestyle habits into your life? Share some in the comments!

Xx, kim

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