First post of 2019. And obviously it’s about a beauty product that’s to DIE FOR. The best face mist spray for dry skin!

Hear me out before you start rolling your eyes.

But first, happy freakin New Year’s you guys! I hope everyone had a BUNCH of fun on NYE. I know I did. Andrew and I had over Victoria and her husband. We drank. Ate. Danced (a lot). And then we were massively hungover the day after. It was a write-off, but like, whatever?

What did you guys get up to? Share!

Ok, let’s get into this beauty product though.

Because this is a BREAKTHROUGH, NEW, COOL, DEWY, ANTI-AGING, and everything in between kind of product…

I’m talking about the best face mist spray for dry skin, which also happens to be a serum.

We all know about facial misting. You know, the sprays make-up artists use before and after you apply your make-up to set your make-up and make sure it stays put all day long?

And then we got a little more into natural sprays like rosehip water. It kind of became all the rage to mist yourself throughout the day. I mean, I LOVE a good mist. I have like 4 different ones I use and love.

But today’s post is on a new breakthrough mist…

The best face mist spray for dry skin AND SERUM.

And if we’re being specific, Starskin’s Orglamic Pink Cactus Serum Mist.


YES!! The kind of mist that not only keeps your make-up looking good allll day but is also amazing for dry skin.

Remember my thing? Lead with your skin, not your make-up. Sure, we all love a little glam make-up here and there, but if you don’t have good skin, that’s a problem…

Well, let me introduce you to this beyond fucking amazing face mist spray for dry skin I’ve been using for months now. You guys ALL need this. Trust me on this one.

Obsessed is an understatement, because it’s so goddam good.

Let me get into some specifics of this face mist spray:

  • The face mist spray and serum is 100% organic, non-water based formula with powerful 92% Cactus extracts
  • It’s made with Prickly Pear Cactus, Baobab and Camellia Japonica seed oils with an ultra-hydrating blend of Cactus liquid concentrate.
  • It deeply infuses the skin with a shot of hydration and superfoods.
  • It acts as a glow-enhancing spray. Which is that DEWY look we love.
  • It also acts as a make-up setting spray. So, you don’t need to worry about your make-up wearing off.
  • During the day, if you spray this on your skin, not only does it have all the skincare benefits, but it also gives you a mid-day glow. YAS.
  • It energizes dull and tired skin.
  • There are NO parabens, silicones or harsh preservatives.

And on top of all that, it smells amazing. Andrew LOVES when I spray this at night. Because let’s face it, I never wear deodorant to bed. LOL Yikessss. Sorry babe.

At least my face smells good now?

Anyway, I’ve been religiously using this for about 2 months now, and guys, this is a game changer. You know when I dedicate an entire (non-sponsored) post to ONE product, it’s a good one. Really, it’s the best face mist spray I’ve ever used.

I’ve never been happier with a facial mist. If you’re going to spend your money on one beauty product this month, let it be this one. Put a hold on the Charlotte Tilbury eyeshadow palette, and get this instead.

I carry this around in my purse during the day and spritz whenever I feel a little dry. Honestly, it’s super bougie to pull out your Pink Cactus serum mist and give yourself a little spray. I’m into it.

So, how do I use it? Glad you asked.

It’s the easiest thing ever. Whenever you’re feeling a little dry in your skin, pull it out and spray away. I LOVE it in the mornings after I cleanse. Gives you the perfect glow. I also love it before bed. Cleanse, tone, spray of serum mist, moisturize.

Okay I need to know – have any of you used this? Heard of this serum mist?

Share below!

I’m off to spray Andrew with a shot of this. He was looking a little dry earlier. And we can’t have that. 😉

Xx, kim

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& my GO-TO skincare when I travel!






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