Okay, when it comes to my lashes, I don’t mess around. I need the best mascaras for length and definition. I’m bringing you guys three of the BEST mascaras out there. I’ve tried, tested, and APPROVED these three for you, so you don’t have to do any of the work.

Here’s the thing – I can’t be bothered with a false lash every day. Who has time for that? Applying a fake lash is an art I have NOT mastered, you know? Watching me put on a fake lash is so cringe-worthy, it hurts. Trust me. Andrew has watched me do this, and always wonders why the fuck I bother? The best is when he thinks there’s no difference between my real lashes and the fakes one. Like, are you muther-fucking kidding me? I just spent 43 minutes putting on ONE LASH! Now excuse me for another 43 minutes while I do the other.

In conclusion, we all love a false lash look, but maybe we just leave that for the very very special occasions. On the daily, I want fast and efficient and the best mascara for length and definition. But I also want a good voluminous ‘false-looking’ lash.

This is why I’ve scoured the drugstores, the Walmarts, the Sephoras of the world and have narrowed down the BEST mascaras.

The funny thing is, I don’t care for the very expensive mascaras. I’ve noticed that a mascara is all in how you apply it. If you’re looking for that thick sort of clumpy look, you’ve got to keep applying it with a few minutes in between each application. I’ll get into this a little later.

You should also know that the four mascaras listed here are not waterproof at all. I’m not a fan of waterproof mascara. I just find it extremely hard to wash it off my face at the end of the night, and I’m not about pulling on my skin to get it off.

Let’s get into the 3 best mascaras ever.


If you’ve been following me for a while on Instagram, then you know this is hands down my go-to mascara. However, because it’s slightly on the high-end pricing, I try not to use this everyday. I always wear this when I’m shooting a bunch of content. It’s makes your lashes look totally big and fake. It’s thick and clumpy, so if you’re into that look ( which I very much am ) then go for this one. It’s one of IT Cosmetics best-selling mascaras, and I see why. I keep repurchasing it all the time. They also have this one in a mini size, which is great for traveling.

Grab it here.


Okay, love this mascara for every day use! If you want a more natural-looking lash, this is the one for you. It’s extremely voluminous, so you get that BIG BOLD lash, but in a softer way. This one also opens up your lashes a lot more. It gives your lashes that flared out look. I like to put a bit more of this one on the ends of my lashes, because it elongates the ends and fans out nicely.

You can also get the primer along with this mascara, which is amazing. It not only lengthen each lash, but it also conditions your lashes, keeping them soft and smooth.

Grab the mascara here. And primer here.


I swear, we’ve all used this mascara at some point in our lives. Except I keep coming back to this one! This one is a dual-sided mascara, with a primer on the other side. So quick and efficient, which we love. This is another every day mascara for length and definition. I find that my lashes look super fun and flirty with this. I always get the blackest black because it really opens up the eyes. Again, the primer makes your lashes all the more wild, so skip the primer if you don’t want a BIG lash. If you use just the mascara side, it tones it down a touch, still giving you that very long and lengthy look.

Grab it here.

How to apply mascara in the best possible way:

Step 1: Grab yourself an eyelash curler. I like this one. If you’re using the eyelash primer before applying mascara, then step 1 is to apply that first.

Step 2: Once you’ve got your eyelash primer on, then use the eyelash curler. The primer will hold your lashes in place. Squeeze the curler a couple times against your lashes. Do this for about 5-6 seconds.

Step 3: Grab the mascara and start wiggling the brush into your lashes. Start on the bottom side of your lashes then move to the top of your lashes. Do the same wiggling motion on top by looking down. Always do both sides because this will thicken up your lashes, giving you that false-lash look.

Step 4: Use the top of the mascara brush on the ends of your lashes for the fanned out look. Brush each lash strand individually. This makes your eyes huge and your lashes super flirty.

Step 5: Gently brush over your bottom lashes. Don’t forget about those. Again, this will open up your eyes.

If you get some mascara under your brows, DON’T TOUCH IT. Give it a few minutes, it will dry and then you can just flick it off. If you try rubbing it off right away, you will smudge everything, and you’ll have to start over. Lol, and nobody wants that.

Okay, have you guys used these mascaras? Do we love?

If you haven’t used them, grab them! Trust me on this one.

Xx, kim

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