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As the year, slowly comes to an end, I love thinking back on it and reflecting. I know we are still sitting about a month away from 2016, so I don’t want to jump ahead too much, but again, let’s remember I’m already in 2016 and wayyy ahead of the planning game. Ha! Life of an event planner…
2015 had some major changes, and positive ones at that. It was a fantastic year, with lots of new beginnings. Change is always good. But let’s get real. Change is f***ing hard sometimes! It’s not always easy to just swallow what’s changing and go with it. I mean, some people I know are great at it. If you are, please weight in! 
However, I find that if you just trust yourself, and trust in what’s happening, in the end, it almost ALWAYS is for the best. One of my favourtie lines ever is, ‘Everything Happens For A Reason.’ I know we use that line a lot, but I really do believe in it. 
Anyone else have a hard time accepting change? What do you guys do to overcome that? 

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When it comes to new beginnings, I love when it happens at the beginning of a new year. It’s almost like you can wipe away everything from your slate, and start over. Not that you need to wipe away everything. Just the things you want to ‘clean up.’ We all wish to be that perfect human being that stops and gives the homeless guy a meal, or volunteers more than once a month, or spends more time with a loved one, etc. You get what I’m saying? New year. New beginning.
One thing I absolutely LOVE doing at the beginning of a new year is making a list of all things I want to accomplish in the year. It’s actually the most motivating list ever! Set goals. There’s nothing like making yourself a realistic and somewhat unrealistic challenging list of goals at the beginning of a new year.
I start with the more easy ones. Something along the lines of ‘yoga-three times a week,’ ‘learn a new recipe once a week.’ Seem easy? Well, even those aren’t that easy! The more difficult ones…’travel to a new spot this year,’ ‘new blog post everyday.’ I’m a huge traveler and crave it if I don’t go anywhere at least once a year. (Some exciting travel plans to be announced soon!) I try and make a list of five easy goals, and five challenging ones. I write these down (on paper) and shove it in the back of my wallet. This way I’m reminded by it and can keep tabs on what I’m accomplishing and what I’m falling behind on.
This year, was HUGE for The Chic Confidential. I can’t believe how far I’ve gotten with the blog this year. It’s always been an on-going love/passion of mine, but this year it kinda (unexpectedly) took off on a whole new level. You guys, my loyal readers, have been ahhh-mazzing!! I literally cannot thank you enough for all the love an support. The Chic Confidential would be no where without all of you. Seriously.
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So what’s in store for The Chic Confidential for 2016? Well more content of course! I hope to bring you guys consistent content, and more fun and exciting stuff. Lot’s of OOTD’s, collaborations with great brands, new recipes, and more.
What do you want to see more of on the blog?
I love, LOVE hearing what you guys want to see more of on the blog. So please comment, tweet, snapchat, or email me. I’m open to literally anything. You guys know what The Chic Confidential is all about now, so let me know what you want to see on the blog. All suggestions are welcome.
I hope everyone takes a moment to reflect on 2015, whether it was a good year, a bad year, a tough year, or an easy one, reflect. Think about the things you want to do differently in 2016 and think about the things you want to perhaps keep the same.
And again, thank you so, so, SO much for making this year for The Chic Confidential SO AMAZING! xx
Cheers to 2016!
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  1. November 25, 2015 / 5:56 pm

    Congrats on all your success!!! 🙂

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