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Happy Tuesday guys!!
How was everyone’s weekend? Mine was a slightly long weekend which I’m ever so grateful for. 
I was invited by Salon Magazine to attend the Contessa Awards on Sunday, Nov 12th. If you don’t know what the Contessa Awards are, let me tell you.

The Canadian Hairstylist of the Year Awards – the Contessas – are the gold standard in Canadian beauty awards with the longest-running track record of excellence. Since 1988, each year the Contessas bring the best of Canada’s talent together to measure their creativity in a photo-based competition. Basically the Oscars of the hair industry…

Think, the MOST creative people in one gigantic room. You see all kinds of hairstyles, fashion, make up techniques, and the most avant-garde looks out there.

Having worked in the salon industry for over 6 years at one point in my life, and having quite a few hair dresser friends, I can appreciate this industry. No, I wasn’t a hairstylist myself. But while I was completing school, I worked part-time as receptionist at a high-end salon. It was one of my 3 jobs at the time…
Anyway, to keep this short and sweet, the Contessas are GLAM. I mean, after all, you are going to an event where 90% of the guests are hairstylists. I really had to step up my hair game. Which is why I saw my two best girls, Joanna and Jessi this past week for my regular cut and colour.
If you guys are looking for the best stylists in the biz, go see my girls at Onaré Salon. Tell them The Chic Confidential sent you 😉
When it comes to glamming up, I like to keep it as short as ever. I only needed 2.5 hours to get ready 😉 Not bad right? This included a little ice rolling, a lot of oils to prep my skin, shaving my legs, 847528654 outfit changes, even more shoe changes, and of course, styling my hair with all the right products. 

When it comes to styling my hair for a big night, Moroccanoil comes through with their amazing styling products. Their hairspray is ON POINT. Even Andrew, (my boyfriend) stole my bottle. It’s THAT good. When you need your hair in tact for a few hours, Moroccanoil’s hairspray is what you want to use. It’s light, but not too light, you know? Like, it gives you the perfect hold without your hair feeling like a stiff brick. It’s not sexy to have stiff hair…
Unless you’re a model stomping down the runway at the Contessa Awards, you don’t need stiff hair. I like a good spray which has some hold, but your hair still moves when you’re strutting your stuff 😉 Another one of their products which I absolutely love, is the Perfect Defence protective spray. This is fueled with Argan oil and vitamins to protect your hair from hot tools and hydrate the dryness. My curling iron gets up to 450⁰F, and mannn is it ever hot.
An hour later, with a lot of hair spraying and hot tools to my hair, I was finally done.
Moving onto make up… I’m actually not going to get too much into detail with make up because I have a video coming very SOON for you guys. But basically it was everything. A full fucking face. Contour, glitter, bold brows, bold lips, and of course, winged eyeliner. I’ll be breaking down some of my favourite brands on the make up post, so stay tuned! 
2.5 hours later, Andrew woke up from a glorious nap, put on his suit, threw some gel in his hair and we we’re out the door ten minutes later. Ohhh, the joys of being a man. They’ll never know what we go through…
The event was held at the Westin Harbour Castle Conference Centre in Toronto. The beautiful venue was filled with hair stylists from all over Canada. Girls were dressed in gowns and high heels with their hair obviously on fleek, and the boys looked dapper in suits and bow ties. The red carpet was filled with media. 
The awards show was nothing short of amazing. Every single stylist that won an award was so grateful to Salon Magazine for giving them this kind of opportunity to compete in such a big way. Many of them mentioned collaborating with a big team of stylists, make up artists, photographers, directors, etc. The work that gets put into this kind of artistry is beyond amazing. They all worked so hard for this competition and you can really see it in their work. Congrats to all the finalists and of course, the winners! 

That about sums up my weekend, you guys! Other than that, it was pretty relaxing. 
Ps. Head to Insta-stories (@thechicconfidential) to check out my turkey chili recipe before it’s gone. It’s a good one! Such a quick, easy, and HEALTHY dinner to make. 
Okay, chat soon!
Xx, kim

This post was in collaboration with Salon Magazine. As always, all opinions are my own. 

Photography by Victoria Jmourko/ Andrew B.



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