Okay, today on the blog we have ALL the details of Lemon’s Sip and See party.

If you don’t already know, I’m an event planner by profession. I’ve been in the industry for over 10 years now, which is wild. So, when it comes to planning a party I like to go all out. And I want it themed. Who doesn’t love a themed party?!

You may have seen bits and pieces of the party on Instagram, but I want to share every single detail with you guys here. In case you want to plan your own Sip and See party.

Initially we had planned to have a co-ed, boozy, and very chic baby shower before Lemon was born. It was going to be a nighttime thing, no games, no opening of gifts, and lots of cocktails – a very non-traditional baby shower. If I’m being completely honest, traditional baby showers are not for me. The thought of people sitting around watching me open gifts is a hard no for me. But that’s just me. You do you, you know?

Anyway, after two cancellations of the baby shower (thx covid) we decided to do a Sip and See once Lem’s was born. Which worked out nicely since we wanted our close family and friends to meet our angel.

We themed the party Lemons & Lavender. A little back story – I have ALWAYS wanted to throw a lemon-themed party. Like, wayyy before I named my baby Lemon. And since this was now going to be a summer afternoon party, it was only fitting to finally have my Lemon-themed party. But we also did Lavender.

Anyway, let’s get into the details of this Sip and See.

Oh and by the way, if you’ve never heard the term “Sip and See” before, it’s basically self explanatory….you ‘sip’ on drinks and ‘see’ the baby.


i n v i t e s:

The theme started right from the invite itself which included lemons and lavender. I love a good branding piece, so invites are really important to me. I created the invite on Canva, which by the way is so simple. There are lots of templates, amazing graphics, and all the fonts in the world.

This was a co-ed party, and everyone was to wear yellow, purple, or pastel colours. Let’s move onto decor. So many cute elements!

D E C O R:


It may be a little overdone, but everyone loves a candy station! We picked out really cute (aesthetically pleasing) candy and filled up clear containers for our guests. Lots of gummies, bubble gum, pastel coloured hard candy, etc. The cart itself was SO cute! Soho Sweet Carts DELIVERED! We had the phrase “When Life Gives You Lemon…” on the cart, which was adorable.

Soho Sweet Carts does all kinds of cute carts and event rentals. I highly recommend them. You can do so many cute things with their chic carts, and it’s totally customizable.


All our balloons were from Events By KL. She did the most gorgeous balloon installation for us with pale yellow and lavender balloons, which draped over the side of the candy cart. Also, we had a bunch of big round yellow balloons floating around the place. It was so chic and vibey.

Balloons are the easiest (& cheapest) way to incorporate your theme colours. You can get a ton of balloons for very cheap. Balloon installations can get pricey, but again, it really adds to an event. It acts as a great photo-op too.


We had 6 cruiser tables (which are high top tables) with lavender coloured table cloths. Our centrepieces were glass vases filled with whole lemons, and a sprig of lavender. Super easy and simple.

We also had photo frames of Lem on every table. I had bought a tons of gold frames from the thrift store and filled them with cute photos of Lemon. This was such a cute idea because not everyone gets to see her grow up. So having these photos all over the place was a cute way to share some of her moments with everyone. Plus it gets people moving and out of their seats to browse some photos.


Obviously since the theme of the Sip and See was lemons and lavender, we had to have a billion lemons all over the place. I had vases filled with whole lemons, baskets with lemons in them, basically lemons everywhere you looked. It was the easiest decor in the world. And no, no lemons were wasted. Every single guest left with a few lemons in their goodie bags. We encouraged everyone to make some spa water or lemon cocktails that night.

F O O D & D R I N K S:


Since this was a boozy Sip and See, we had no shortage of drinks. We kept it simple with lots of red, white, and of course, rosé wines, some beers, and my favourite, Nude Beverages. They sent over the YUMMIEST, and not to mention very on brand seltzers for the party. They had just released their new Pink Lemonade flavour in the cutest pastel pink can.

Guys, you MUST try this!! It’s an all-natural vodka-based, pretty in pink lemonade with freshly squeezed flavours of sweet citrus. It’s made without any added sugar or sweeteners, which I love. Get a case next time you’re at the LCBO. Trust me on this one. It’s super refreshing for summer!


We had two types of waters for guests that weren’t drinking. Lemon, strawberry and basil. And Lemon, cucumber, and mint. We cut up slices of everything and added them to water. This is SO good to spice up your water. I do this at home too, just to switch it up and make my water more interesting. Plus, it was another cute way to add to the theme of the party. Lemons EVERYWHERE!!

O T H E R C U T E D E T A I L S:

adult goodie bags:

We LOVE a goodie bag filled skincare, beauty products, and more. These goodie bags were AMAZING and I want to share all the details in another blog post for you, so stay tuned. And don’t worry, we had goodie bags for kids too. But they were just filled with chocolates and candy.

a good playlist:

Good music brings good vibes. We had a fun 90s/2000s playlist going. This just gets everyone in the mood, so make sure you have some good tunes playing. Spotify is the place to go, in my opinion.


Since the Sip and See was themed, I figured having a fun dress code would be cute. I asked everyone to wear yellow, purple, or pastely colours. This was SO cute, and people loved it. I mean, just look at the photos. Everyone looks adorable!

Okay, there you have it! Every detail for you. I LOVE planning parties, so this Sip and See was so much fun to put together. It’s such an easy theme, because you can literally buy TONS of lemons to decorate.

I also want to thank every single person/vendor that helped out for this event. So many people were a part of this special day, and I couldn’t be more thankful!

Check out the IG Reel for this event. It’s so cute!

Xx, kim

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Sip and see


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