Neato robotic vacuum cleaner

Before I get into how amazing my robotic vacuum cleaner is, let me back up.

Here’s the thing about time. We have 24 hours in a day. I like to put aside 8 hours for sleep (non negotiable).

The other 16 hours are SO crucial. Especially when you have a full-time job, and then also blog on the side. Like, time is MONEY. We’ve all heard that saying.

Time is money, so spend it wisely.

So, when it comes to my time, I need to manage it well! Like, I need a game plan day-to-day and I don’t want to waste a single minute of it doing things I don’t want to. I truly value the time I have and I want to spend it with the people I love, my business, and my mental health. I want to be able to carve out time to spend with family and friends. I want to eat dinner every night with Andrew and just be present. I want to focus on growing my business daily and learn new things about the industry. And I want to make sure that my mental health is always in check, whether I’m getting in a 20 minute yoga session in, or just zoning out while watching a show.

You need to make time for YOU. Really take a look at your life and eliminate things you don’t want to do.

I’m all about working smarter, not necessarily just working harder.

This brings me to my new best friend, Archie. (My Robotic Vacuum Cleaner)

Neato robotic vacuum cleaner


But hold on, let me back up for a second. You guys should know that I’m a fucking nazi when it comes to a clean house. I don’t like mess. Mess really fucks me up. I have MAJOR anxiety when the kitchen counters are messy. Just ask Andrew, I’m a psycho. I need things in the dishwasher, I cannot stand food residue stuck on the counters, NO water puddles near the sink. LIKE, JUST NO.

The couch needs to have all its 84732 pillows – fluffed! – (Andrew LOVES to just throw my pillows on the floor and leave them there). And I was typically vacuuming twice a week. When things on the floor get stuck to the bottom of my feet, I just CAN’TTTTT. K.

So, I was vacuuming twice a week, which was taking me about an hour each time. That’s 8 hours a month JUST on vacuuming. And if we’re really getting into it, it’s 96 HOURS A YEAR.

Just. on. vacuuming.

HELL NO. Think about all the things you could do if you had 96 extra hours in the year.

This is when I knew we need something else. Either a cleaning lady or a robotic vacuum cleaner that will do it for me.

I personally LOVED the robot idea and so did Andrew. It’s just so new age of us.

So, I researched a bunch of brands, and talked to people who also had robotic vacuum cleaners (and raved about it!) and then we decided that Neato Robotics had exactly what we needed.

Introducing the Neato Botvac D7.

We named him Archie (yes, after Meghan Markle and Harry’s child. LOL)

I can honestly say, what a fucking game changer. Vacuuming the house has become such a thing of the past for me. And I swear I’m not being a snob about this. Yes, it’s super expensive, but like I said, I like to spend my time wisely, and vacuuming was a task that was taking up too much of my time.

Now while Archie vacuums, I have more time to spend doing other things.

If they come out with a robot that loads my dishwasher and cleans my kitchen counters, please let me know! Because you know I will be all over that shit.

Anyway, let me get into why Archie is a fucking genius:

Navigates with lasers.

LaserSmart technology scans and maps your entire house, creating a floor plan for your robotic vacuum cleaner to follow. It moves exactly how a smart robot should, in straight lines instead of a random pattern. Lasers even let it clean in the dark. Let me tell you, the first time we ran this guy, Andrew and I watched him for an hour and 15 mins. Not a great use of our time, I’d say…

Cleans by zone.

With zone cleaning, you can target trouble areas in your home more frequently. Make a zone for the dinner table, and send the robot to take care of all those crumbs that fall to the floor. This is such a fantastic feature!

 Cleans deep down.

Get into every crevice. Turbo mode gets the deep down dirt you can’t see by speeding up the brush and boosting suction power. The robot’s unique D-shape design and large core brush finds dirt in corners better than others.

The other day, I sat on the floor making a fall wreath that had a billion little sparkles fall out of it, and Archie cleaned every bit of it. And we all know the struggles of getting sparkles off anything!

Traps allergens.

Your robotic vacuum cleaner sucks up a lot of dust and debris. The ultra performance filter is designed to trap the stuff that makes us sneeze and itch, capturing up to 99% of tiny dust mites and allergens as small as 10 microns.

Guys, In all honesty – invest in your time. Which means, spend money on things that will save you hours and hours so that you can focus on the MAJOR things in your life. Vacuuming is so minor and such a bore. (In my opinion). Shop Neato here.

And if we’re being real, I would LOVE a robot that could wash and style my hair. Although I only wash my hair once a week, I hate every fucking minute spent on that.

On that note, I think I will start Archie up, make myself a celery juice, and relax for a bit.

Let me know how you guys invest in your time! I want to know.

Xx, kim

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Neato robotic vacuum cleaner


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