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Ahh, so many cute, recent Amazon purchases lately, that I need to share with you guys!

The list is very random, but I figured I would do a little round up of my favourite things/ things that are in my cart. Does anyone else just keeping adding to cart and then hitting “save for later”? Haha, I feel like some purchases need a little thinking before buying?

If we’re being completely honest here, I browse Amazon during my 4:30 AM feeds with Lems and sometimes add very random things to my cart. LOL. The other day I added a shower curtain to my Amazon order…

Anyway, let’s get right into this blog post!



I recently talked about the frother on my latest post, so if you haven’t checked that out, you must! But basically everyone who loves a good coffee, needs one of these ASAP. I’m not a bougie coffee drinker or anything, but lately I’m SO INTO frothy, creamy coffees and MY GOD, this frother is everything. Trust me, don’t buy one of those handheld frothers….they break in no time.

This Aeroccino is a bit expensive, but like, add it to your gift list? Or get your husband/boyfriend/girlfriend one for their birthday and then use it? LOL. It’s win-win if you ask me.

I have a full on coffee station in my kitchen – Cute gold spoons you ABSOLUTELY need from Amazon, cinnamon, coconut sugar, hazelnut syrup for iced-coffees, and the Aeroccino frother. It’s a very cute situation. Anyway, grab this frother and thank me later.


Speaking of a cute coffee situation, this little pod drawer is one of my recent Amazon purchases, and it’s FREAKIN ADORABLE. Usually Andrew is veryyyy annoyed with my Amazon purchases, because I get things like pens, shower curtains (LOL) and 948358934 water bottles, but he actually loved this pod drawer. It keeps things very organized.

I love waking up to options for my coffee. You pull open the drawer and you can see what’s in front of you. Like I said, it’s a cute (& kind of bougie) situation that I love. Our Nespresso machine sits on top of the glass drawer and it’s perfect. BTW we are loving our Nespresso machine. Our coffees have been ELEVATED.


I finally caved and got these sunnies! I have seen them all over Instagram, and they look good on EVERYONE! I love the shape and size of them. I ordered them yesterday and they are on their way. I will share how they look on Instagram, so make sure you’re following me there. Again, Andrew will kill me for ordering yet another pair of sunnies, but oh well? I think I have over 30 pairs….


I have been looking everywhere for a cute (non expensive) evil eye necklace, and I’ve added this one to my cart. It’s super cute and minimal. I love the gold/stones, the length, and how simple it is. I want one that I can layer with my other necklaces and I think this one is perfect. I haven’t purchased it just yet, but I think I’m going to get it!

I have been SO into dainty gold jewelry lately. Loving simplistic layering with chains, and bracelets. I have gotten so many questions about my jewelry lately, so I wanted to share this piece with you guys. Lately, my go-to necklace layers have been this paperclip necklace from Oledea Jewelry, and this Birthflower necklace from Corey Tracey Design. Oh, and I LOVE my “mama” necklace. Perfect for any mom!


If you’re looking to become more eco-friendly, then you need these laundry detergent sheets. I have been using them for over a year (not one of my recent Amazon purchases) and I love them. Personally, I’ve always hated those bulky jugs of detergent. They take up way too much space. These are nice and compact, and of course fully plastic-free.


OMIGOD. These could quite possibly be the best Amazon purchase of 2022. I wanted bright white sneakers that we’re chic and VERY comfy, and I absolutely found them. I searched everywhere for a cute pair, and these ones had the best reviews. They are so so comfy, like walking on a cloud, breathable (so important!) and really cute on the feet. I feel like you can wear these with a short dress or skirt in the summertime. I haven’t tried washing them yet, but I might throw them in the washing machine and see what happens. Of course, they do get dirty faster, because they are white. But they also come in a few different colours, which I might consider too. ALSO – the price!! So good.


In my cart – I feel like I need a zen space at home now that I have a baby and this water fountain would be ideal. There is just something about the sounds of water that relaxes me instantly. I love hearing it, closing my eyes and reflecting, and overall it’s very calming. Anyone else feel like that? This is a really cute one. There are many ugly water fountains out there, but this one is cute. It’s small, compact, and zen looking – if that makes sense?


This recent Amazon purchase was another HIT. Again, the reviews were AH-MAZING, so I needed to get this. I saw this all over Instagram and since I’m making iced coffee daily these days, I felt I needed this. Keeps my water ice cold all day too. I love squeezing a little lemon into my water in the mornings. I’m also not a fan of metal straws and loved that this one was just plastic. BPA free of course. Oh and most importantly, it fits in the cup holder in your car. Nothing is more annoying than when your water bottle doesn’t fit. I love my HydroFlask, but ughhh, it doesn’t fit and that’s very annoying.


In my cart – Since I cannot keep basil alive for the life of me, I’m thinking of getting this little Aero Garden. Someday I want a HUUUGE garden full of amazing veggies. But for now, I feel like this will have to do. Andrew and I cook with fresh herbs all the time, and I would love to grow my own instead of buying them every time. Do you guys grow you own herbs?

Okay, those are my recent Amazon purchases (and things in my cart). What are you loving from Amazon these days?! Share in the comments, so I can add to my cart. LOL.

Xx, kim

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