So, I feel like many of you don’t really know about MONDAY MUST-HAVES yet, and you really need to.

But before I tell you all about it, let me tell you WHY I started it.

When I first got Instagram, I would follow a lot of awesome bloggers, who had great style and would use such cool products. But when I DM’d them and asked where they got it from….


Radio silence.

Like why are you showing off a product that you don’t want to share with everyone? It’s ridiculous really. I want that cute skirt too!! Anyway, I really hated when people did that, especially not responding after you’ve seen my message.

I feel like bloggers/influencers are WAY more open with that stuff now (because a lot of them are getting paid to share the link). Eye roll. You should share regardless, in my opinion.

But anyway.

I started Monday Must-Haves because I get a TON of questions everyday on specific things. Such as – What my favourite mascara is? What is the best curl cream for curly hair? Why am I so obsessed with the ice roller?

Things like that, you know? And the one thing The Chic Confidential is ALL about is sharing.

I never wanted to be that girl that keeps secrets to myself. That’s not cool. And over here we’re always sharing secrets. That’s the power of boss babes. If there is something that I love, I definitely want to share that with you guys.

Which is EXACTLY why I started Monday Must-Haves. Basically, every single Monday, on Insta-Stories I feature a product that I’m OBSESSED with. Like a real ride-or-die product. A product that I have tried, tested, and will recommend until the end. Trusttttt me. I do NOT fuck around with a Monday Must-Have.

I have shared tons of my favourite beauty products that I always re-buy (hello ice roller!), lifestyle products that have changed my life for the better (cannot live without my Bialetti espresso maker), wellness products that I use daily (this posture corrector and acupressure mat!), kitchen products such as these adorable spice jars and spa water jug (!!!) and tons more.


On IG Stories I explain WHY I’m obsessed and why you need these products in your life.

Most of these products you can grab off Amazon, which is awesome.

Also, you should know that none of these products are sponsored. They are just products that I’ve been using forever, and feel like I need to share with you guys.

SO, on that note, if you’re not already following on Instagram, do so now, before you miss another Monday Must-Have.

And if you have missed a bunch, I also do save them to my Highlights, which you can find on my Instagram profile page.

Come hang out, we always have a fun time over on IG stories. It’s very raw and real and I love connecting with you guys!

Is there something specific you’d like me to cover on Monday Must-haves? Share in the comments.

And on that note, I’m off to make some more spa water, and microneedle my face.

Xx, kim

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++ Also, check out what’s in my beauty bag!

(This white hoodie for $17 is also a MUST-HAVE. Grab it here!)


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