One of my New Year’s resolutions this year was to be more Eco-friendly and live sustainably when it comes to my choices. I wanted to be more conscious of the plastic I’m using, more cautious of unnecessary things I’m buying, and overall my contribution to a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle.

In year’s past we never really paid attention to what was happening with our planet. Everyone was using plastic like it was nothing. But in the last few years it’s become so apparent and terrifying when we read about climate change, see the landfills full of plastic, and our oceans filled with crap. It’s sad to see our Earth being destroyed like this.

And if we don’t act NOW (like, yesterday) we’re all in big trouble. Global temperatures are rising at a level which isn’t sustainable for the environment to be able to survive.

So, I want to share some small (but big) things that I’m doing (and hopefully you will too) that can impact our planet. Also, no one here is perfect. This isn’t a post that says live your life in a zero-waste way. However, someday I hope we can achieve that. But for now, we’re starting small. Here are some ways to be more eco-friendly and live sustainably:



So I have to tell you that everything I’m wearing in this post, is RENTED (minus the jeans). Yes, you read that correctly. Guys, I’m so tired of buying clothing and wearing it once or twice and ditching it forever. It’s so not eco-friendly. And wedding season really gets ya! You can only ever wear a dress once, maybe twice. I came across Sprout Collection, which is a company from Toronto that lets you rent clothing for a month. You can rent everything from dresses, work wear, vacation wear, and even maternity clothing! I’m totally obsessed because I can have new pieces every single month and I feel so environmentally responsible! It’s such a great company. They dry clean and steam everything for you before sending it out, so you don’t have to do a thing! It also comes with a handy little return label, so that once you’re done, all you need to do is drop it off to the nearest Canada Post. Like, can we talk about how efficient this whole thing is?! Check them out at


There are so many consignment shops and thrift stores with such gorgeous pieces. Spend some time and sift through those racks before hitting the mall. I’m sure you will find what you’re looking for. And if there are any moms that are reading this, baby clothes are a HUGE hit at thrift stores. From what I hear, babies outgrow their clothing in just a few months, so it’s super wasteful to get new things every couple months.




I can’t tell you how many people I still see at the grocery stores leaving with cases on cases of plastic water bottles. Guys, this is the easiest way to cut out massive usage of plastic!! Get yourself a cute reusable water bottle (or two) and keep them everywhere. I have a couple in my car, one at work, and several around the house. This way, no matter where you go, you’ll always have a reusable water bottle somewhere! And of course, it’s much more eco-friendly!


One thing Andrew and I have been doing since last year, is going vegetarian at the first week of every month. This means no meat for breakfast, lunch or dinner. No bacon, no chicken wings, no pepperoni on pizza! (BTW, let’s be clear that I don’t eat any of those things regardless! That was strictly meant for Andrew). It’s been amazing, and we’re doing so well. Maybe we’ll even switch to doing this the first two weeks of every month?

“The United Nations report Livestock’s Long Shadow–Environmental Issues and Options, concludes that the livestock sector (primarily cows, chickens, and pigs) emerges as one of the top two or three most significant contributors to our most serious environmental problems, at every scale from local to global. It is one of the largest sources of greenhouse gases – responsible for 18% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions as measured in CO2 equivalents. It produces 65% of human-related nitrous oxide (which has 296 times the climate change potential of CO2) and 37% of all human-induced methane (which is 23 times as warming as CO2). It also generates 64% of the ammonia, which contributes to acid rain and acidification of ecosystems.” { source }


Instead of purchasing grocery bags for 5 cents a pop, bring your own tote bags! I’ve been collecting tote bags over the years, and I literally have NO excuse to be buying plastic bags at the store. I have a ton in my car so I never forget them. In the beginning, all these little changes will seem hard and inconvenient to you. But in the long run, you are making a difference and living sustainably.


So you know those rolls of plastic produce bags in the fruits and veggies aisle at the grocery store? Well those are super harmful to our planet, so let’s stop using them, K? You can get a pack of 12 reusable produce bags, which are amazing, on Amazon and keep reusing them! I have 3-4 of them in each of my tote bags in the car. So, no matter what tote bag I grab, there are some reusable produce bags in there. Oh and don’t worry if they get dirty. The ones I got are mesh, so they are perfect for easy cleaning and drying. Grab them here!



This doesn’t mean you have to become a hoarder. But think about the things you’re getting rid of. Old candle holders, magazines, books, shoes, jars, etc. You can either donate them, or repurpose them. Get on Pinterest and see different ways you can repurpose candle holder, jars, boxes, baskets, etc. There are SO many cute things you can do with them and that way, they don’t end up in the landfills.


If you aren’t already composting, please do! Many of us who live in condos unfortunately can’t do this, because condos don’t allow it. It’s an easy way to be eco-friendly. Take all your food scraps and leftovers and turn them into compost. This is a natural fertilizer and reduces landfills by allowing biodegradable materials to break down naturally.


This is another simple way to reduce your carbon footprint (and save on your energy bill!) Andrew and I installed a Nest and it is the best thing we’ve ever done for our home. When we’re not home, Nest knows to shut off the heat. We can completely control this from our phones, so when it’s time to head home, I just switch on the heat. It cut our energy bill in HALF!! And of course it’s more eco-friendly.




We hear so much about “clean beauty” these days. Well, we need to start using them more and more in our daily lives. Synthetic products are being made with chemicals that are being released into the environment during the manufacturing of these products. Which is why we need to switch over to products that are using natural ingredients. We also need to buy products that are cruelty-free so that animals aren’t dying so that we can use these beauty products. Beauty is a hard one, but there are so many good brands out there that are making a conscious effort to minimize packaging, and use cleaner ingredients.

Some brands I’ve switched over to are:

Of course, beauty is such a work in progress because there are still SO many brands that aren’t clean yet. But again, we’re making small changes in our lives. I’m not telling you to go to your dresser and throw everything out. All I’m saying is, the next time you’re browsing Sephora, check out the clean beauty aisle.

Okay, was that helpful?! I feel like everyone can make these small changed to their lives, no?

Guys, PLEASE let’s make a conscious effort to be more eco-friendly and live sustainably. It’s our planet, and we need to take care of it.

If you have ANY ideas on this, please leave them in the comments so that we can ALL benefit from it.



+ Speaking of reusable water bottles, check out my post on why I’m obsessed with the Hydro Flask

++ Oh and do you listen to podcasts? Check out my favourites ones here.


Live sustainably

Photos by Andrew B.


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