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We’ll not so much a surprise if you follow along on Instagram.

But yessss, I’m officially moving out of my current beautiful condo, which I called home for 2 years and 4 months. It breaks my heart a little to rent this out to someone else. I’ve loved and cared for this home for a while now, but it’s time to move on.

Andrew and I finally found a place after looking at 35 different condos. It is perfect, and we’re in love with it. I can’t wait to show you guys everything. Do you want to see a vlog? I mean, I think Andrew will likely want to punch me in the face if I pull out my camera while he and the guys are moving a heavy dresser…but like, maybe I’ll take that chance? LOL. We’ll see 😉

Anyway these last few weeks have been HECTIC. And I mean, H-E-C-T-I-C. But the good kind, of course.

We have two press trips coming up! This weekend we’re in Hockley Valley Resort for the weekend. Come hang out on Insta-stories because you know I’ll be showing you guys everything.

The week after we’re in PUERTO VALLARTA, MEXICO! I’m BEYOND excited for margs, guacamole, and beach. Again, do come hang out on IG. There will be lots to show. We’re actually staying at a gorgeous boutique hotel called Villa Premiere Boutique Hotel. Have you been? Stayed here? Obviously I’ll do a whole post on Mexico. So, stay tuned.

I attended a few events this week that I wanted to share with you guys.

First, Monat Hair invited us to an exclusive dinner at the Bisha Hotel in Toronto. They were launching a bunch of new hair products and wanted us to get educated on the ingredients used, their goal as a hair brand, and what they are all about. Their name ‘MONAT’ actually comes from the words ‘Modern Nature’. MO for Modern and NAT for Nature. They are a completely vegan brand, do not test on animals, are fully sulfate and paraben free, and they mainly use natural plants and essential oils to create their products. So, I’m ALLLLL about this stuff. Especially their dry shampoo! Because you guys know how much I’m NOT a fan of washing my hair. Once a week is enough, and maybe I’ll push it to like 8 days if I’m lucky. 😉

Anyway, the dinner was BEAUTIFUL! The theme was Dark Glam. SO into it. Every detail was thought out perfectly – and you know I LOVE a detail. We got to hear about their products and ingredients they use and even test them out right there. I’m already a BIG fan of the dry shampoo. But I’ll keep you guys posted.

Last night, we were at another event at Square One shopping mall. It was the 2nd annual La Dolce Vita event, which is in partnership with the Oakville Health and Trillium Health Foundations. All proceeds from the event goes to them. They had celebrity chef, Bobby Flay there doing some fun stuff. The entire event was super glam! The food was delicious. The theme of the night was A Night in the Mediterranean. CHIC.

When it comes to events, I’m keen on knowing all the behind-the-scenes (as I’m an event coordinator by profession). So, I truly appreciate a good event. And this was a GOOD event.

Anyway, that’s it for now. I’ll keep you guys posted on the move which is happening in exactly 2 weeks from today. WISH US LUCK.

I’ll just be over there with my camera in Andrew’s face vlogging the whole thing for you guys…

Xx, kim

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