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Happy Wednesday, guys!

The past few weeks have been nothing but getting my home in proper shape. (And of course, binge watching Scandal).

Every purchase over the last month has been for the home. I mean, naturally when you move into a new place, you’re dedicated to making it as homey as possible. I for one, cannot live in an incomplete home. I need living plants, curtains, art on the walls, cushions, candles, flowers, etc. You get it. It needs to be homey. Is anyone else like that? Weigh in.

I, of course LOVE sharing my home with you guys, so this is the mini home edition post.

The photo above, doesn’t actually capture all of my jewelry. This is probably one third of it. The rest is still in a box. I’m trying to find the perfect jewelry organizer that’s chic and affordable. So, if you have ANY suggestions, please send them my way. I’m in dire need of a good one.

FYI. The jewelry case/organizer MUST hold long necklaces.

This cute little Cactus plant sits on my dresser. Here’s what I love about Cactus plants…

You can water them like once a year, and they live.

Okay, maybe not once a year, but you get it. I’m TERRIBLE with keeping plants alive, so I only get the ones that I don’t have to water everyday. Eventually I’m going to grow some herbs on my balcony. I know you need some serious dedication for those, so let’s see how well I do.

I’m obsessed with basil, cilantro, and mint. So, I plan to start with those.

Any tips?

This. Rack.

Because I literally CANNOT fit all my clothing into two closets, I needed to get a rolling rack for the rest of the clothes. And because things need to be chic at ALL TIMES over at mi casa, I’ve dedicated this entire rack to my key black pieces. You know, some fur, some fringe, some sequins. Basically things that I don’t want shoved into my closets…

You guys get it, right?

Another great home plant.

I toyed with the idea of having a big plant in my house for a while. I just didn’t really want the responsibility of caring for it…everyday. But the great news is, this one also doesn’t need to be cared for on the daily. LOL.

That’s sounds so cruel.

This is why I don’t own a pet.

I finally put up my curtains. And if you were following on either, Snapchat or Insta-Snap, then you know the frustration was reaaaal! (Username on Insta-snap: @thechicconfidential)

It’s almost impossible to hang up curtains in an 18-foot long space, alone.


Nonetheless, it was a bitch and a half, but it got done.

It may have taken 3(ish) hours…

Bar cart essentials:

Loving these custom made coasters by Coastermatic. You guys have seen these on the blog before. They are super cute and chic, and really make the perfect gift for anyone.

Chic Confidential bookmarks are obviously a must on the bar cart.

More plants. These ones luckily, are artificial, although I love picking up flowers from a farmers’ market every once in a while.

Work desk vibes.

I don’t know about you guys, but my work space needs to be super clean and bright. I haven’t done much to my work space as yet, but slowly things are coming together. White and gold is the theme here, as you can see.

I love the frame that says, ‘Live In The Moment.’ It’s funny, because I actually don’t. So really, I have that there to remind me to do so.

It’s actually very hard for me to ‘live in the moment.’ I’m an event planner by profession, so we never do anything ‘in the moment.’ Everything is planned, timed, thought-about, and executed. This is kinda the way I’ve been living my life. I like it that way, but I also try and push myself to be a little more spontaneous.

The frame is there to remind me.

Maybe I’ll do a post on ‘living in the moment’ more often. Thoughts?

The one thing I’m still in search of is a white marble coffee table.
If you guys come across anything chic, send it my way!

Lastly, this art piece, which you guys have seen before on the blog, is very much me. It takes a lot to find an art piece that’s ‘me,’ but this one was perfect. It didn’t have much colour in it, which is what I loved about it. It also incorporated fashion, without being too ‘loud.’ It’s quite abstract looking, which again, is something I loved about it.

I’m still looking for some more art pieces that really speak to me, but art is something I don’t rush, ever. You don’t want a home full of art that means nothing to you. Take your time to find the right pieces that go with the decor of your home, and pieces that inspire you.

After all, you will be looking at them everyday…

Okay, that’s it for now, friends.

I promise to do a full-on home post in the near future.

Xx, kim



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