As I sift through some of the winery photos, I can’t help but share at least one (or two) photos from my visit there.

While I was at my cottage (which by the way, is located in Niagara on the Lake), I got a chance to visit the oh-so-charming Château des Charmes winery. It’s like a beautiful Parisian dream that you never want to awaken from! Everything was white and feminine. The kind of peacefulness that you get from there, is something you’ll want to feel everyday. Dramatic much? Yes, but you’ll only get it if you’ve been. And if you haven’t, well I hope the full post on the winery will drive you straight there!

I won’t get into much detail right now, because the post is coming soon! Stay tuned! Can’t wait to share that with you guys.

You can imagine the somewhat drunken state we were in after consuming much of these wines. Thank God for dark chocolate and cheese! (I’ll pass on the prosciutto).

And if you were following on Snapchat/Insta, you’ve seen a bit of this already. I kinda took you through the winery with me, but lots more to share on the post.

Okay, moving on…

Have you guys seen the post on my favourite skin products? These three are ones I legit CANNOT live without. Not sponsored, just being real. I’ve been getting a lot of questions about these on Snapchat/Insta, and obviously when something is working for me, I HAVE to share them on The Chic Confidential. This is what TCC is all about. Sharing what works. Amiright?!

Sooo, on that note, if there’s a product that you absolutely cannot live without, like I’m talking–you take these products on vacation with you, then I want you to share them with us! Because here, on The Chic Confidential, we’re not about NOT sharing.

Another thing that’s coming to the blog is everything you need to know about laser hair removal! Such a squirmy topic. Nobody likes hair. Waxing is a painful bitch, and who has time to shave these days? I don’t. Laser hair removal is safe, non painful, and you never have to see hair again.

More on this, coming to the blog soooon!

This fall sweater-dress has been a favourite of mine since forever ago. It’s such a classic, you literally CAN’T go wrong in it. Unfortunately it’s sold out, however I’ve linked a few that are very similar, below.

Banana Republic



Okay friends, that’s it for now.

Ps. Why does this short week feel like the longest week of life?!

Have a GREAT rest of your week and enjoy the last few days of sunshine. It’s getting pretty cold at night! :/


Xx, kim




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