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Oh how times flies!! 
I cannot believe it’s already been a year since I purchased my condo. It feels like just yesterday that I was signing 4897258546 million documents which of course, I had no clue wtf I was signing…
Does anyone really know with all those pages? 
I feel like that’s what your lawyers are for. To help you NOT screw up. LOL. Yes? 
Anyway, what a year it has been! You want to know the best part? I still don’t have that white marble coffee table I have been looking for…ha!
It’s been a year…#pickybitch I am.
Regardless, it’s been one hell of a year in this home of mine. So many wonderful memories have already come from it, and I can’t wait to enjoy more if it this summer. 
Although to be very honest, I’m running out of closet space. Send help. REALLY.

On another note, I’ve become somewhat of a domestic plant mom. Is that a thing? I’m making it a thing. 
I actually wanted to grow these herbs last summer on my beautiful balcony, however, with the move, I was way too focused on getting the inside of my home organized. This year, since most of the inside is finished up, I’m now focusing on my balcony. It’s very serene. A place of total relaxation. I’ve got some Gerbera daises growing, a huge palm tree, a cute lawn chair, and obviously my herbs. 
Okay, if you guys were following on Snap/Insta-stories, then you know I kind of made my dad do all the potting of the herbs. I mean, I’ve never potted herbs before. It only made sense for me to watch…
Baby steps, right? 
So, this year I’m growing cilantro, oregano, parsley, basil, mint, and thyme. I think that’s a pretty solid bunch. I can cook everything with those. 
I’m pretty excited to watch them grow. Hopefully they turn into something beautiful, and soon I’ll be an expert plant mom. LOL.

Daniel Wellington’s Classic Petite in White/Rose Gold. Use my code for 15% off: CHICCONFIDENTIAL

How’s everyone’s week been? 
Mine’s been extremely busy. This weekend was barely a weekend. I worked quite a bit, shot a really fun blog post that will be up next week, and I’m slowly packing…
Follow along on Insta-stories, because I’m bringing you guys along for the fun. Obviously. 
If you don’t already know this, the Backstreet Boys were/are my absolute favourite boy band of all time. Where my 90s girls at?! They are performing in Vegas, so my best friend and I HAD to make the trip over. It also happens to fall on my birthday weekend, so it ONLY makes sense to celebrate in Vegas…with the Backstreet Boys. 
How else would one celebrate their 30th birthday?????
Come along for the fun, I’m sure it’s going to be a very, very blurry weekend. HAHA.

Obsessed with these Schmidt’s Natural deodorants! Check out the post!

Oh also, if you guys are travelling anywhere soon, and need some quick vacation outfits, because like me, you “have nothing to wear,” check out Forever 21! (Not sponsored) 
I happened to be passing by Forever 21, and they have such cute summer stuff. Since it’s going to be 45 degrees in Vegas (no joke!) I’m going to be living in bodysuits and tank dresses. 
I snagged a couple really cute ones! I’ll link them on Insta when I wear them. 
FYI. I won’t be posting a blog post next week. I’ll be enjoying my birthday week in Vegas with (many) drinks in hand. 
Hope you guys have an AWESOME next week!
Xx, kim



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