Hiii friends!

Oh mannn, has this week flown by or what?! I mean, I know it’s only Wednesday, but it’s been non stop for both, work and the move-in.

Really starting to set up all the little details in the condo now. This is my favourite part. Decor.

Who else get’s super excited to actually add all the little bits that make your home, homey? Like my stack of Vogue Magazines. Something I’ve started doing recently, is collecting Vogues from wherever I travel. It’s kind of a pain in the ass to bring back a heavy magazine in your suitcase, but when the collection piles up, it can make for a cute decor item in your home.

I also plan on planting some herbs in my balcony. Cilantro, Basil, and Parsley are what I use most in my cooking, so I’m thinking I will start with those. I’ll keep you guys posted!

Let’s talk about THESE SHOES.

I love, LOVE a pair of classic, nude strappies, and these Vince Camuto’s are everything! The team at VC sent these babies to me and I literally died a little inside. They sent it in super cute, custom packaging that said, “Exclusively for the feet of…The Chic Confidential.”

I mean…

Cute right?!

The shoes are from their Signature Collection, and I’ll be shooting them this weekend for a full outfit post on the blog! Stay tuned, and follow along on Snapchat, because my Snapchat fam get’s all the inside scoop first! Username: Kim-marquis. It’s hella more fun on there. Trust me.

Okay, now for this amazing little invention. Haha. You’ve probably seen this item before and never cared for it, but I’m telling you now, it’s AH-MAZING. Especially for all my salad lovers out there. You NEED this in your life.

You know what I absolutely hate? Buying salad dressing at the grocery store. They all “sound” really great but taste really shit. I’m over it. I end up buying an entire bottle and I kid you not, my best friend has them ALL. I end up trying it and hating it, so she literally has a fridge, stocked with dressings I didn’t want.

So, on that note, I started making my own dressings about a year ago, and really loved it. You can mix it up, and you’re not stuck with an entire bottle of dressing. I don’t know about you guys, but I like to mix up my dressings every week. I can’t stick to just ONE. It’s boring.

When I came across this little salad dressing shaker (about a week ago!) it was legit, love at first sight. You can make your own dressings, shake it up, like a martini shaker, and keep that dressing for a week or however long it lasts you. It’s just so cute and contained. Obviously, I HAD to have it in my life. Guys, this is NOT SPONSORED. I really just love it. So, I’m sharing it with you.

I linked it right under the above photo for those who want it. Trust me, great little item for you, salad lovers!

Okay, I did want to share some of my favourite salad dressing recipes with you. These are just ones I’ve either looked up and tweaked, or ones that I’ve just made up on my own. I’m also not adding how much of each ingredient you need, because it’s totally up to you.

Dressing 1:

  • – EVOO (Extra virgin olive oil)
  • – balsamic vinegar
  • – a splash of regular white vinegar
  • – lemon
  • – pepper
  • – thyme
  • – honey dijon mustard

Shake well, and enjoy! This one is actually my favourite one. I use it more than any of the others.

Dressing 2:

  • – EVOO
  • – Red wine vinegar
  • – Parsley
  • – Oregano
  • – Himalayan salt
  • – Pepper

Dressing 3:

  • – Balsamic vinegar
  • – Lemon juice
  • – Dijon mustard
  • – EVOO
  • – Himalayan salt
  • – Pepper

Those are my top 3. There are obviously TONS you can find on Google.

If you have any dressings that are amazing, please do share, as I’m HUGE on making my own these days!

Work flow.

How important is it for you guys to work in a creative, pretty, and inspiring space? For me, it’s top of the list. I CANNOT work in a space that is dull and boring.

I’m a creative person, and therefore the space needs to be flowing with prettiness. Amiright?! If you’re a blogger, you probably know how important it is to have a clean, creative workspace.

These gold office accessories were to die for.

I found them at Homesense and picked them up right away for the new desk at home. And every corner of my home is filled with scented candles.

That’s all for now lovelies.

About to jump into bed with an episode of Scandal! Who else wants to be Olivia Pope??



Bedroom vibes.




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