Since Covid-19 has invaded our lives, I’ve been keeping myself busy. Infact, I’m the KWEEN of keeping myself busy. Here’s the thing – when this all went down, everyone freaked out about being quarantined at home. I was like “HELL YA! LET’S DO THIS!”

I’m a homebody. Don’t get me wrong, I love to socialize, and eat at restaurants, go shopping, blah blah blah, just like everyone else. But I love my home. Even before Covid became a thing, I loved being home, cleaning, cooking new recipes, doing whatever around the condo. Andrew and I spend most of our evenings at home anyways. Sure, we miss going out to restaurants, and dressing up for date nights, but who says we can’t do that stuff at home?

Dress up, get some cocktails going, order some food, and you’ve got a date night. We’ve done this a few times now, and it’s been so special. We miss seeing our friends and family, and new babies that have been born since Covid, but being home hasn’t been the worst thing ever.

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So, let me tell you how I’ve been keeping myself busy during Covid:


You know how you’ve always wanted time to trash old clothes/furniture/books, etc? Well NOW you’ve got all the time in the world. No excuses. And once you start decluttering, it’s SO liberating! Trust me. You won’t want to stop until you’re done. Clean out that basement, get rid of old clothes, tidy up your garage, get storage boxes and make things neat. I LOVE an organization day. Give me a set of clear containers and a room full of crap, and I will get busy for hours.


It’s garden season, so visit your nearest garden centre and get planting! We only have balconies, so we have to be mindful of space. But we’re growing some herbs – basil and dill for now – and we’ll most likely add a bunch more. There’s something so peaceful about gardening. I cannot wait for a full garden someday!


Uhhh, when was the last time you did this? Be honest! I did this the other day, and mannnn it felt good! Grab all your make-up brushes and beauty blenders, and give them a good wash. You’ve been putting this off for wayy too long. 😉 In fact, while you’re at your vanity, clear out some old make-up and skincare products. I do this very often, because I’m constantly trying out new products.


Another way I’ve been keeping myself busy is working out. Small, quick HIIT workouts are my favourite. I don’t want to spend hours working out, so I like a good 15-20 minute sweat sesh. Check out this post on my 3 favourite workout accounts.



Get out of your comfort zone and do something fun. Organize an-at home paint night, or a bingo night on Zoom. The other day I cut up some tie-dye shirts and made them into really cute cropped shirts. (It’s what I’m wearing in these photos.) Summer is right around the corner, and I wanted cute, cropped tees.


Whether you do this alone or with your partner, it’s ALWAYS fun to do a spa night. If you’re doing this with your husband/boyfriend/or someone male, they might not care for a full skincare routine, but would be down for massages. Light some candles, put on your diffuser with essential oils, and create a calm space for massages. Give each other long, full body massages. I miss my massage lady more than ever, so this is a good compromise.

If you’re going to Spa-Day on your own, and want to do a full skincare routine, then these are my favourite skincare products I’m loving right now.

Start with a good cleanser then, do a face mask, microneedling, serums with a jade roller, oils, and then finally moisturize your face. This is the perfect way to keep busy and it’s also self-care at it’s finest! 😉



Summer is here and as much as we’re going to hate being at home, we have to make the best of it. SO, spruce up your balcony or backyard so that you’ll want to be home. We have two small-ish balconies in our condo. We use one for long lounge chairs. This is mainly for getting some tanning done. (Lot’s of sunscreen though!!) And we’ve decided to totally spruce up the other balcony. Add an outdoor rug to make it cozy, hang some lights, pot some plants, add a loveseat, etc. It’s a little getaway where we can enjoy some summer cocktails out there.


I’ve mentioned this a bunch of times on the blog/IG Stories – Andrew and I love playing board games. We’re obsessed with the Exit Games. They are basically adventurous escape room games. We usually crack open a bottle of wine and kill about 2 hours playing one of these. They are SUPER fun, and it gets you thinking. Netflix can be such a bore sometimes, so it’s nice to switch it up with a board game once in a while. Less screen time too!


I’m currently reading TWO books and it’s the perfect way to keep myself busy. I love reading something business-related during the day, and then a murder mystery at night. I’m reading Never Split The Difference by Chris Voss, which is a book on negotiation. So far, I’m loving it. And at night I’m reading The Cuckoo’s Calling by Robert Galbraith. 

Okay, those are my 8 ways on keeping myself busy. What about you guys? What are you doing lately?

Share in the comments! Do you guys want to see a post on how I spruced up our balcony?

Xx, kim

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  1. These are great ideas for keeping ourselves busy! I have been doing lots of organizing and decluttering around the house! Also, I actually have time to clean my makeup brushes almost everyday, like what!! My skin feels so nice and smooth!

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