So, if you guys have been following me on Instagram lately, you know that I’ve very much been in a re-decorating mood. Particularly my office. It was getting a bit cluttered and unfunctional. It needed SOMETHING. So, I got rid of the desk (that I really wasn’t using) and put in a couch – a gorgeous, velvet, mustard couch. And then I decided to create a gallery wall above it.

Guys, I LOVE how this turned out, so I need to share all the details. Including all the prints I used from and the process of creating a gallery wall. I partnered with Desenio to make this gallery wall come to life, because they literally have the best prints, and a huge selection on their website. Everything from fashion, art, vintage, nature, sports, music and so much more.

I wanted to create a space that was inspiring. Somewhere I wanted to be when getting creative. My current office situation was slowly becoming a dumping ground of all the things you want to just hide away when people come over to visit. LOL. And every time I stepped into it, I just wanted to leave. It needed some sprucing up.

When picking prints, colour choice was a big thing, but also choosing prints that were calming, peaceful, and of course inspiring. This was huge, because I didn’t want another cluttered gallery wall.

Okay, let’s get into the details of how I did this gallery wall.


You need to figure out what kind of overall vibe you’re going for. You don’t want to be all over the place when it comes to decorating a wall. I actually went through phases when deciding what kind of look/vibe I was going for. But I didn’t rush into it. I took my time and kept coming into the room and just sitting there in silence. You need to feel the kind of vibe you want in that room.

Initially I thought I wanted something super fashion-focused and edgy. Maybe a little vintage. Some pinks. But as I sat in the room, on my mustard couch, the more I was not feeling that vibe.

Then, I thought I wanted a beachy scene. Something with palm trees, golds, sandy colours, etc. I was getting closer to the vibe I wanted, but still wasn’t quite there.

Eventually I realized calming, nature photos was exactly what I was looking for. But mixed in with some texts. Some inspiring texts.

My advice for creating a gallery wall is to take your time. FEEL the energy that you want that room to be.


Once you’ve got your vibe down, then decide on a colour palette. Again, this is really important because you want to make sure everything goes well. Look at your furniture, your decor pieces, flooring colour, rugs, etc. When creating a gallery wall, you want to make sure you’re picking up on some of the existing colours in your room.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be matchy-matchy. But there needs to be some colour connection.

For me, everything really revolved around that mustard couch. I knew that was the focal point in the room, and once a did some inspo-searching on Pinterest, I quickly found that mustard and dark/foresty greens went amazingly together. Which worked out perfectly, because I wanted lots of nature prints, leaves, forests, etc.


My favourite part! Head over to, they literally have everything you’re looking for and more. Their prints are so beautiful. You can look up specifics if you want, or just browse every category. (Thats what I did even though I knew I wanted nature prints). But seriously, they have such a vast selection that I wanted to see every print. I spent an entire weekend looking through every single print on their site. LOL.

What’s really cool is that you can “favourite” the prints you like, and then go into your favourites and select the ones you finally want. But I love the “favourites” feature. You can basically bookmark the prints you love. I had SO many favourites in the end. I wanted them ALL!

Once you have narrowed down your selection to what you want, choose your frames. They have such gorgeous frames! I went with a mix of the light wood and black wooden frames.

Once you’ve selected everything, place your order. Mine came in a few days! ALSO!! I have a really special code for your guys for Desenio. It’s CHIC55 for 55% off. It’s only valid until November 20th so if you’re thinking about creating a gallery wall or even just need some prints for around the house, jump on this asap!


When creating a gallery wall, you need to see how this looks in the space. I would recommend taking a photo of the wall that you want to create this gallery wall on, and then bring that into an editing program. If you’re good at Photoshop, do it there. There is also Canva, that’s really helpful and easy to use.

I mapped out my entire wall on Canva so that I could see exactly how it looked in real life. I’m a very visual person, so I needed to see this. Psycho? Yes.

We took measurements of every print and Andrew helped me put everything to scale. That’s his realm. I just showed him where I wanted all the prints.

Once you know where everything should go, get some green, painters tape, and start placing little markers on the wall. It’ll give you an idea of how the gallery wall will look like in person. Then make any adjustments to the sizing of prints, etc.


Once your prints arrive, it’s time to create that perfect wall. Okay, so this might not work for all frames, but I have done a few gallery walls in my past homes, and have ALWAYS used velcro to secure them to the wall. I have never needed to drill holes into my walls for this, mainly because my frames were super light. Obviously, if you want to do this, make sure that the velcro you get is the sturdy kind that shows you how much weight you can secure on it. Do NOT get dollar store velcro! LOL.

We get the heavy duty velcro, and it’s always worked for us. I don’t have any heavy frames either. It’s so much better than drilling holes into your walls, in my opinion. Just a hot tip for ya!


1 X Cactus Flower, Poster 30×40 cm

1 X Calm Handwriting Poster 40×50 cm

1 X Golden Palm Poster 30×40 cm

1 X Upside Down Cheers Poster 30×40 cm

1 X Monstera Pair Poster 21×30 cm

1 X The Letter Poster 30×40 cm

1 X Green Forest, Poster 50×70 cm

1 X Cactus Corner Poster 13×18 cm

Okay, those are my tips for creating the perfect gallery wall at home. It can be so much fun to create and they always look so chic once finished.

What do you guys think of the gallery wall I created in my office? Do we like? Make sure to visit and use my code CHIC55 for 55% off. (code is valid until Nov. 20th)

Xx, kim

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