Haaaaappy Monday! I don’t know where to start with this weekend, but maaannnn, it felt like a long weekend with all the things I crammed in. I’m sharing my stay at Hotel X with you guys!

The weekend was a busy but FUNN one for sure! Were you guys following along on Insta? That is where ALL the fun happens by the way. It’s the easiest way to connect in real time with you guys and I legit LOVE IT. I also always, ALWAYS answer your questions, DMs, etc. So, come hang. Plus, we’re usually picking on Andrew, so there’s that…

Moving on.

Friday night we were invited to Hotel X Toronto to check out the newest, hottest, and CHICEST hotel in Toronto. And let me tell you, by my standards, how CHIC AF it was! Guys, I’m not just saying this. Like, you know me. If I don’t like something, you’ll never see it on the blog. But if I LOVE something, I’m going to be so in-your-face about it, because I NEED you to enjoy it with me.

Kind of like the ice roller, facials, this step counter, natural deodorant, this flat iron. You get it.

And that’s what I’m saying about Hotel X in Toronto. It’s got everything you need. When chatting with the Marketing Directors, they mentioned how they’ve tailored the hotel to fit Canadians and their needs. With research, they come to realize that Canadians love 1) good food 2) sports 3) convenience. VERY TRUE.

So with that research, they’ve built a hotel that incorporates something for every Canadian.

Let me show you…


Hotel X room

One bedroom suite with VIEWS that could KILL! Seriously, I didn’t want to leave my room. I was so in love! If I could just walk out with the King Bed, I think I would. Those sheets, the down-filled blanket, and the perfect pillows that shaped the back of your neck. UGH.

The living area was stunning with all the natural lighting just pouring in. And the views, oh the views. I really have no words. No matter where you are in the hotel, the views are stunning. You see the entire Toronto Skyline as well as the lake and Porter Airport. Sitting back, relaxing with a coffee in hand and watching the airplanes take off from Porter is my actual definition of Heaven. There’s not much more I would ask for…

The bathroom was livable. As in, I’d ditch my condo and just move into the bathroom. It was THAT gorgeous, you know? Natural lighting, huge-ass bathtub, stand up shower, and roomy. SOOO roomy. All the counter space to spread out my make-up everywhere. Andrew was happy with a tiny, little corner for his hair gel.

Hotel X

{ View from the room }

Moving on…


Hotel X Toronto

Hotel X pool

K, if I was getting married, I would want this rooftop patio to be where the cocktail reception happens. It’s just got the perrrfect chill, Chic Confidential-esque vibes ever. LOL. But, really though. White lounge chairs, a pool, and views with the perfect sunset. All we’re missing are some cruiser tables and pink drinks. Maybe some swan floaties in the pool for Insta-worthy shots?

I was totally digging the vibes up here. Cocktails we’re served up here, and if I may say, by some pretty good looking waiters. A mixologist was whipping up the YUMMIEST cocktails for us. I was super into the cucumber, ginger, honey, lemon, and gin cocktail. I felt like we were a couple ingredients short of a green juice. I need to replicate this drink ASAP.


Again, every detail was so on point. You know I love a good detail. The tables were set with beautiful pink Orchids and a menu at every plate with a breakdown of dishes.

The first course was a beet salad with arugula, roasted pear, and goat cheese with a strawberry vinaigrette. YUM.

The second course was truffle polenta with grilled mushrooms and roasted onions. I’m not a huge fan of polenta, but I LOVE anything truffle which is why I chose this, and OMG, it was sooo good. I was blown away by how good this was!

Desert was a vanilla parfait with edible florals, white chocolate, and fresh fruit. I have never tasted a parfait quite like this one! They’ve got some secret ingredients in here and I NEED to find out what they are!

{ my beautiful dinner dates }

Overall, my stay at Hotel X Toronto was nothing short of amazing. If you’re ever visiting Toronto and are looking for a gorgeous hotel with amazing service, delicious food, and breathtaking views, this is where you want to stay.

I KNOW I will be back!

Thanks to Hotel X Toronto for making the night SO special!

Xx, kim

Hotel X Pool


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