Okay, listen up boys and girls. Christmas is right around the corner, and if you’re stumped on gifts for your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife etc., I have the BEST idea for you! Hockley Valley Spa!

I’m ALL about experiential gifts over physical gifts. I mean, I wouldn’t turn down a Louis bag or anything, but if I had to choose, I would choose a gift we BOTH could do together so that we’re creating memories. CHEEEESE or what? Like, let’s go watch a play together or get couples massages with facials and chilled champagne? Trip to Thailand? YES PLZ. These are all great ideas…(for Andrew, so I hope he’s reading).

Anyway, when Hockley Valley Spa wanted to collaborate, I was SUPER excited because the Holidays are here, and it’s actually the PERFECT Christmas gift that literally anyone would enjoy.

Andrew and I headed up to Hockley a few weekends ago.

Let me back track for a second.


Ford Canada also had the cutest campaign going on at the same time called “One Night Stand”. No, it’s not what you think. It was all about surprising your significant other with a one night getaway! And although the Hockley getaway wasn’t much of a surprise to Andrew, it was still a one night getaway for us. This getaway actually came at the PERFECT time, because it was right before our big move in to the new home.

It gave us time to relax and enjoy the calm before the storm, you know?

Anyway, we drove up in the beautiful Ford EcoSport. As you know, I’m OBSESSED with Ford vehicles now. I’ve partnered with them a bunch of times, and I really can’t get enough. Their cars are so user friendly (except for that one time I didn’t know how to turn the car on…) and SUPER functional, like HELLO seat warmers, adjustable heat/cooling temperatures on driver & passenger side, steering wheel temps, etc. Another thing I love is the space in there. I mean, I don’t have kids, but I sure do come with a lot of baggage. Even just for the weekend. Girl needs shoe options you know? The touch screen navigation system is also very handy!

If you guys are ever in the market for a car that’s not only chic, but also functional, Ford is your guy.

The drive took us less than an hour, and MY GOSH was it ever a beautiful drive!

OK – check out the video, and then we’ll get specific!

Once we arrived, we checked into the gorgeous Hockley Valley Spa Resort. The staff was very friendly and knew who we were right away. The resort itself is so rustic looking. It immediately gives you that cozy, getaway vibe. After we checked in, we headed to our room, which was beautiful! It was facing the little pond outside. RELAXATION VIBES GALORE.

After settling in, and kicking up our feet for a bit, I had spa appointments booked in. An express facial, a full body massage, and a pedicure. Their spa offers everything. They have a little tea room, where you can sit and relax with a cup of hot tea and enjoy the outside view. The room is bright and spacious. They’ve got a lot of comfy lounge chairs where you can sip on your tea and even read.

I started with the full body massage. My back is always in pain, so this was exactly what I needed. The lady who massaged my back was phenomenal! She felt the areas that needed work right away, and was able to relive some pain in those areas. SO GOOD.

Next up was my facial. GUYSSS, you know I love a good facial. But MAN, this was beyond amazing. She used 100% natural oils and products on my skin. (Which we LOVE). She also went through the facial explaining every product and everything she was doing. She used a couple of masks on my skin. We of course did an anti-aging/hydration facial. It’s my absolute go-to, and is what I ask for every time I get a facial. I want DEWY skin all day, everyday. No dryness! During the 10-15 minutes masks she put on my face, she massaged my hands and feet. This put me into sleep mode. Seriously.

Once I was all done with the facial, it was time to get my pedi. Again, everything was perfect. Chose my colour, and had a lovely pedicure. The ladies there really knew their shit, you know? Nothing I hate more than going to a spa and being unsatisfied.

After my spa services, I relaxed for a bit in their lounge, and headed back to the room. If you’re wondering what Andrew was up to while I was gone for 3 hours, (or maybe you’re not) he was…napping.

BUT – for the men who would be waiting for their ladies at the spa, the resort offers golf! It was a little cold this weekend, which is why Andrew didn’t get out there, but if you plan on going during the Spring/Summer time, they have a beautiful golf course.

Once I finished with the spa, and after I woke Andrew up from his glorious 3 hours nap, we decided to explore the resort a bit. I always love walking around, and seeing the resort in full. We found a cute bar on the main floor, a couple of restaurants, and the pool and hot tub. Now, if you follow along on Instagram, you know that Andrew and I are hot tub people. Like, we’re obsessed. We go about 2-3 times a week in our condo (maybe more). So, naturally when we saw the hot tub, we jumped at the opportunity to indulge. We headed back to the room, grabbed a couple cups of wine (Shhh don’t tell anyone) and headed to the hot tub for an hour.


After that, we had reservations at CABIN – their main restaurant. Ambience was ON POINT. We got to sit at the chef’s table, and watch all the chefs do their thing. Which was SO cool. I have a seriously new appreciation for chefs. They were SO passionate and focused.

We started with a delicious charcuterie board. Cheeses, meats, olives, and bread. (Which was devoured in seconds)

I started with a mushroom soup with truffle oil and walnuts. Andrew had a small plate of thier Linguine di mare with bay scallops, shrimp morsels, crab legs, mussels, white
fish, in a white wine sauce.

The main course for me was the pan roasted chicken, roasted squash with caramelized onion & spinach stuffing, in a sage sauce. OMG SO GOOD. Andrew had the grilled Ontario grass-fed rib eye, with rosemary & garlic scented fingerling potatoes.

Desert was a tray of assorted AMAZINGNESS. Chocolate truffles, coconut cream puffs, white chocolate ganache, cheesecake and much more. We ate EVERYTHING.

The wine they served was from their very own winery, Adamo Estate.

Dinner was perfect, and so was the Cosmopolitan I had at the bar after dinner.


We called it a night pretty soon after (you know, cause we’re 80).

In the morning we had a delicious buffet breakfast and then checked out.

We headed to their Adamo Estate Winery for a little wine tour and tasting. Just up the road they have the most charming little winery. It’s picture perfect in there. And the wine… oh it was goood! We left with a couple bottles, that’s for sure. If ever you guys are there, make sure you pick up their Spark’l Chardonnay Musqué. I’m obsessed with that one. It’s perfect for a girls night. Very light and refreshing tasting.

After the winery, we headed home. (SADLY)

Guys, what a weekend! It was fantastic! Thanks to Ford Canada for hooking up a sweet EcoSport, and Hockley Valley Spa Resort for the beautiful stay. Honestly, I highly recommend visiting. It’s super close by, but feels far enough from the City. You know?

Ok – have you ever been? How was your experience? Loved it as much as I did?

Talk soon!

Xx, kim

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This post is in collaboration with Ford Canada and Hockley Spa Valley Resort. As always, all opinions are my own. 

Video editor: Steve Tzemis


  1. I have never been to Hockley before but I am always down for a visit to a beautiful location and a trip to the spa! It looks like y’all had an amazing time!!

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