HI HI! It’s been a while since I’ve been on here. But if you haven’t noticed yet, I have a 4 month old now….so things are a little hectic. Today’s blog post is a goodie. I want to share a healthy morning routine for moms. BUT, a realistic one.

Let’s rewind a couple months back when I Googled “healthy morning routines for moms” and the most unrealistic routines came up. Like, make yourself a full breakfast with all the food groups, and sit and enjoy that in peace and quiet. Or take a 15 minute hot shower. Oh, and my favourite one is, get in a “quick” 30-40 minute work out…..

WHHAAAATT?! What is your baby doing while you do…alllll that? I probably take a “hot shower” every two days if I’m lucky. LOL.

So, after reading a bunch of very unrealistic morning routines, I decided to create something more real. I hope any moms that are reading this, can relate and maybe incorporate a FEW of these healthy morning routines.



Lemon sleeps in her crib 90% of the time. However, some nights she’s in our bedroom. In the mornings, when she wakes up, she’s pretty cute. Instead of screaming/crying, she makes little coos and aahs quietly. This generally does get louder and louder until I eventually get up and open up the blinds. The girl loves her sunlight. Once I do this, I know I have about 10-15 minutes of quiet because she LOVES looking outside at the sky, trees, branches, etc. During this time, I brush my teeth, wash my face, and do a little skincare.

Getting light in is so important first thing in the morning. The sun has a major effect on the circadian clock and our sleep. If you want more insight into this, Google “sleep and the circadian rhythm”. There’s so much to this, and how the sunlight affects our sleep. Either way, once I open up the blinds, Lems knows it’s morning and time to wake up.


“Quick” being the keyword here. Before the baby, I spent LOTS of time on my skincare. I would ice roll every morning, drench my skin in oils and give myself facial massages. I still love a good skincare routine, but things look a little different now. I make sure I don’t neglect my skincare, as it’s very important to me. Skincare over make-up any day!

I do a very quick routine. I wash my face with just water. No cleanser in the mornings usually because I cleanse at night. Once my skin is dry I like to apply a good eye cream. I NEED THIS. My under eyes look tired in the mornings. Duh, thanks Lemon! I am obsessed with the EyeLighter Concentrate from BeautyBio. It’s a priming serum and depuffing tool with vitamin C and plant-powered retinol. It’s super brightening and hydrating. A little drink for your under eyes.

Then I like a serum for all over the face. Currently I’m using Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance Serum. This is an oil-free serum that evens out your skintone for a brighter complexion. It also smells amazing. You should know I’m on my second bottle now.

And lastly, I need a good, hydrating moisturizer. Currently I’m using the Tula 24/7 Moisturizer. I used this all throughout my pregnancy as well. It’s one of the best moisturizers in my opinion.

That’s it. Lemmy watches me while I do my skincare routine. We chat about it. I tell her how important this is for mommy and she listens. 😉


Ideally I’d love to do a 15 minute stretch routine on YouTube, but realistically, I have maayyyybeee 5 minutes before my child is like FEEEED MEEE!!! So, I would say do 2-3 stretches that your body absolutely needs. This is very important for a healthy morning routine. Of course, as the kiddos get older and you have more time, then yes, get in your 15 minute stretches in the AM and PM. Stretching as we know, is very important for the joints, back pain, etc. I want to be able to move freely as I get older without any aches and pains, and stretching is the way to go.


Yes, I know you want a coffee. But like, chug some water real quick and then grab that coffee. It will be that much more enjoyable. Especially if you’re a breast-feeding mom, you need your water intake. Some mornings I go right for the coffee and completely forget about water. Make your water more fun with some lemon and mint. I have mint growing in my front yard and I love to pick some and add to my morning water.

MAKE A COFFEE AND THEN STare at the wall:

LOL. I’m not even kidding. Once I come downstairs with Lem, I plop her on the change table in our living room, warm up her bottle, and then make myself a quick coffee. I change her diaper and bring everything to my “feeding spot”. Then while I feed her, I take sips of my coffee and stare at the wall. I guess we can call this “meditation”. Because I don’t know what else to call it? It’s a moment of peace, where she is happy because she’s eating, and I’m happy because I’m having a good, strong coffee. We are content.


This is HUGE. I need to plan out my day the night before or else nothing will get done. I’m usually in bed by 10pm and I turn the lights off by 11pm. Between 10pm – 11pm I spend some time planning out my day. I write 2-3 things that I would like to get done. I don’t overwhelm myself with a big to-do list. I’m very much into a weekly to-do list which I make on Sunday nights. But having a small to-do list motivates me to get my ass into gear. There are some smaller tasks, and maybe one big task.

I also don’t stress if I don’t get it done. I just move the task to the next day. Everyday is different with a baby so again, no stress. Once I’m done planning out my day, I grab a book and read. This helps clear my mind of the day and then I sleep really, really well.


I mean, there are days when I never get out of my robe. But I find that when I get dressed I am WAY more productive. There’s something about putting on actual clothes and maybe even some make-up and getting ready for the day. More things get crossed off my to-do list. It’s all about mindset.

Now that’s what I call a healthy morning routine, but like, a more realistic one?

What do you guys think? Share your thoughts and even share your morning routines in the comments.

Xx, kim

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